Resplendent with its gracefully patina’d all-black body needing little attention, Kevin only saw the need for a few minor updates to the exterior. He had Dave Simard of Leominster, Massachusetts, lower the headlight stanchions by 2 inches and complemented the rear of the car with ’39 Ford taillights and an understated owner-fabbed polished stainless steel tube bumper. The last few subtle updates focused on the interior. With the ’35 Ford bench and side panels already covered in traditional black and white rolled Naugahyde, it was time to wake up the dash by losing the factory gauges in favor of some vintage Stewart-Warner standard dials. Kevin then sprayed the dash in black to accent the gauges and interior while also sending out the garnish moldings to have them plated. A ’40 Ford steering wheel navigates the course while a vintage heater of unknown origin helps shake away any East Coast chill. Kevin has proven that with keeping to a plan by only adding simple and subtle updates to an existing car you can reawaken it to an era when hot rods looked their best in black. Known for driving his cars hard, it won’t be long till his coupe is destined for a coast-to-coast run to Bonneville where we know it will look sublime on the salt.

Kevin Lavin’s

Post-War–Styled 1935 Ford coupe