Vaughn Berger completed the bodywork. Todd Hollis, a local DuPont paint rep, applied DuPont Diamond-series urethane in a three-stage color Chrysler calls Inferno Red. Vancouver’s Paul Mackie applied a limited number of stripe details. Marysville Metal Plating and Polishing in Plumas Lake, California, freshened up all of the shiny stuff.

Bowers wired the car with an EZ Wiring harness and mounted a Hot Rod Air climate control system behind the factory dash. He also fabricated a panel to fill the dash’s face and created a center console that employs the rear half of one from a Dodge Magnum. Tunnels in the dash and in the console mount Classic Instruments gauges. Gone are the original column and wheel, in their place a GM-style Flaming River tilt column and a steering wheel Colorado Custom machined to resemble the road wheels.

Flanking the Magnum console are the matching seats. Creative Design in Keizer, Oregon, trimmed them, the rear bench, the side panels, and the headliner in a combination of saddle-tan leather and vinyl. It lined the floor with wool carpet. Hear No Evil in Salem assembled a hidden audio system from Alpine and Pioneer components.

All too often people use terms like unconventional to describe something that’s neat, despite its differences. But Bill’s wagon is cool, specifically because it’s different. It’s outside of the mainstream just enough to stand out yet familiar enough to fit in.

Even better, it’s as utilitarian as it is cool. “I keep my E-Z Up tent in the back so I can just take off to wherever I want to go,” he says. And because of its Hemi’s copious power, he can get there as quickly as he wants to. “My 750hp ’34 Chevy was a bad hot rod,” he notes. But by virtue of better chassis design, “… this car will outrun it in the quarter.” But he’s almost prouder of its economy. “It gets 20-something miles per gallon!” he crows.

Bill’s Plymouth bucks convention for more than its brand. It does everything you’d expect from a hot rod, family wagon, and luxury car. It really is like a Magnum wagon … only one hell of a lot cooler looking.