People Who Have Made A Difference:

Andy Brizio
Andy's Instant T kits helped change the way people could build street rods. The Andy's Picnics and road trips reaffirmed how people should use them, and earned him the title "Rodfather".

I guess the trips that I have made in my roadster, be it the T-bucket, Volksrod, C Cab, or any one of my '32s—and the stories that went along and that STREET RODDER acknowledged—were a big part of helping my Instant T building business, and then on to the Andy's T-Shirt business. I have met so many great people and made so many friends along the way. Perhaps the one trip that sticks out in my mind is when, in 1997, I did all the Goodguy Shows in the United States. I had many partners on different legs of the trip, and on one Eric Geisert rode with me from Columbus to Spokane. Just two cars—Gary Meadors and myself with Eric. It was tough sharing a room with Eric as he is a remote control controller and so am I. He flew home one day before I left and hid the remote so that I couldn't watch TV for one day.

I'm back on the road again this year with 100 pre-'49 hot rods, driving to Indianapolis for the Goodguys Nats.

STREET RODDER is the one magazine that I have read for many, many years and is still on my coffee table today. STREET RODDER magazine has always been there for the driving rodder. Isn't that what it's all about?