People Who Have Made A Difference:

Gary Meadors
The Goodguys founder has done as much as anybody to promote the hot rod hobby, with numerous national events that welcome and reward every category and level of car enthusiast.

Hey you guys … congratulations on STREET RODDER magazine's 40th anniversary. That's a big deal. It's been a great run for STREET RODDER and Goodguys. In 2013, we will celebrate 30 years in business so the milestones are piling up for all of us. I've personally been a subscriber since day one.

Our industry has come a long, long way in 40 years. Our companies have always been tied together as the readers get to see the cars, the advertisers, and the sponsors come to life at Goodguys events. The legends and the cars they read about in STREET RODDER are right there in the flesh at Goodguys events.

The lifeblood of this hobby is guys and gals showing off their cars and Goodguys events offer a national stage for them to do that. STREET RODDER has done a great job over the years of showcasing the cars and bringing the events to life in the magazine. You guys were there in 1973 when I was the event director at the Lodi Mini Nationals and you continue to feature our events as we all move forward and spread the street rod bug to future generations. The cars and the people behind them are what have made this whole thing work and STREET RODDER has always been a leader in covering it.

I still get a kick out of getting STREET RODDER in my mailbox, seeing what everyone's up to, and paging through the Goodguys event coverage. When we got together and dreamed up the STREET RODDER Top 10 program in the late '90s, it got legs and really took off, now reaching across the nation as the Top 100—many of the cars selected from Goodguys events. I'd like to thank the STREET RODDER editors and associate editors over the years: Tom McMullen, Jim Clark, Richard Bean, Geoff Carter, Pat Ganahl, Steve Coonan, Steve Kelly, Tom Vogele, and Brian Brennan for their dedication to the industry and all the great Goodguys event coverage over the years! Hats off to you all!