People Who Have Made A Difference:

George Poteet
George's taste, and his collection, extends from Bonneville land speed racers to top-shelf show cars to patina'd beaters. The common denominator is that they're all cool and they're all driven.

My love for street rods started long before the magazine even existed. As a teenager, there were two hot rods that had an impact on my future "hot rodding" life. One of those hot rods was the Tom McMullen roadster. I have followed his car from the early '60s until today. It has always been one of my dream cars. My love for that car is the reason that the May '97 issue and the Apr. '04 issue of STREET RODDER are my all-time favorite issues. I have a copy of each of these issues in my office on display today. Reading about the complete history of the car in the May '97 issue was like filling in all the blanks of my hot rodding dreams that I had as a teenager. I followed all the changes that were made to the car over the years, but having it all recorded, described, and chronicled in one article was incredible. The April 2004 issue was the icing on the cake. The roadster being located and restored by one of the icon families of hot rodding was remarkable. Jorge Zaragoza is one of the most fortunate men in hot rodding to own the original car and have it restored to its shining glory by Roy Brizio. If I could choose one hot rod to own, the roadster would be it!