People Who Have Made A Difference:

Jerry Slover
Jerry and Peggy Slover became the owners of Pete & Jake's, started by Pete Chapouris and Jim Jacobs, in 1986. The company merged with Super Bell Axle in 2004.

When I broke into this industry, 40 years ago, the traditional car was all there was. Now you see primered cars and resto rods gracing the cover of STREET RODDER magazine and I love it. I think STREET RODDER and the staff have continued to stay tuned in to the fact that our industry has come full circle.

It seems funny that the younger generation talks about cars that were common in STREET RODDER in the early days, which are now called "barn finds". They are still considered worthy of being in the pages of the magazine … timeless.

Timeless … this seems to be the relationship between STREET RODDER and Pete & Jake's/Super Bell Axle. From the early days of the wild bunch (Pete Chapouris, Jim "Jake" Jacobs, Pete "P.Wood" Eastwood, Jim Ewing, and Brian Brennan) to today, we have enjoyed our relationship.

Being in the industry in the early days, we have seen trends come and go. But from the beginning, we built well-designed, high quality, American-made parts that a builder or beginner can install. STREET RODDER helped bring these parts and ideas to the masses. Rodders were waiting for the next issue to see what was new and how they could build or change their cars. Through the pages of the magazine we saw the Flathead leave and the modern motors come in … now we are seeing Flatheads, manual transmissions, and bias-ply tires gracing the pages. As we say once again … full circle.

As Pete and Jake's and Super Bell continue into the future, we know that STREET RODDER magazine will continue to be a driving force helping the sport we love. Congratulations STREET RODDER on 40 years and I wish you continued success.