People Who Have Made A Difference:

Ken "Posies" Fenical
Ken Fenical, better known as "Posies", began as a pinstriper and now builds some of the most original rods, in addition to manufacturing innovative springs and other products.

I was asked by STREET RODDER if I had any past experiences that I would like to pass on. My most enlightening experience was in 1982 when I first met Tom McMullen at St. Paul. His photographer at the time was shooting my '36 Ford Cabriolet. I was asked if the car had been in any other magazines. I answered the question "no", knowing that over the previous two days four other magazines had shot it. I answered the question honestly that it had not been in any magazine up to that point. So I didn't fib, I answered honestly and in the time I owned that car it was in over 27 magazines and 9 covers worldwide. Tom was a true hot rodder from the beginning until the end. With the quality of the magazine that STREET RODDER is, I am proud to have been an advertiser for over 35 years and will continue to do so.