People Who Have Made A Difference:

Thom Taylor
Thom builds some of the world's most beautiful rods, using a pencil or a pen. His sketchpad concept illustrations have been inspiring us, and probably you too, for many years.

I picked up STREET RODDER magazine from the first issue. Hanging out at Dave Williams' shop in Placentia [California] in the mid '70s, I would run into Pat Ganahl from time to time, who was the first "magazine guy" I ever met.

After college, International Truck in Fort Wayne, Indiana, hired me as a designer. Through one of the designers at IH I met a rodder putting together a newsletter for the Indiana Street Rod Association. He was Geoff Carter.

We decided to drive up to the Street Rod Nationals in St. Paul, and leading up to the event we discovered Bud Lang would be there from McMullen Publishing looking for an editor for STREET RODDER. I thought Geoff would be perfect for the job—and he had samples from doing the ISRA newsletter to prove it.

I remember driving him to the hotel where Lang was doing the interviewing. I didn't think Geoff would get the gig, but was proud of him for making the attempt. So I was more than a bit surprised when I found not only was he offered the job, his house was already for sale and his wife and daughter were packing.

Geoff was editor of STREET RODDER for years. Through him I was able to get a lot of my early art and writing into the magazine, so Geoff and STREET RODDER were/are partially responsible for whatever level of success I have achieved in my dubious career.