Bill’s Hot Rod Interiors, of Brea, California, got the call to cover the interior with gray square-weave carpet as well as loads of flat black leather everywhere else, including the bench seat (which has been lowered and moved back to offer more legroom).

A vintage 90-mph Stewart-Warner speedo, along with an oil and fuel gauge, are set into an engine-turned-insert for the dash, which was woodgrained by Jeff Styles. Styles also added a minor amount of pinstriping to the truck’s exterior, including chicken scratches made famous by Tommy “The Greek”, to the headlights, taillights, and tailgate. Styles also supplied Bill’s Hot Rod Interiors with a more elaborate pinstripe design, which they converted into multi-colored stitching to be used on the bed’s tonneau cover.

Sobieski has taken his truck to a few shows, most notably the recent Grand National Roadster Show and the Goodguys Scottsdale event (where it won a STREET RODDER Top 100 award), but it isn’t the type of vehicle that was designed to hit people over the head with its looks, so more than a few people walk on by without noticing it. But those who do notice are often seen nodding in approval as they slowly drink in everything this truck offers. But that’s what you get from a guy and a shop that isn’t about the 9-to-5 approach of rod building or the drama associated with fake “reality” TV shows. For Dan, it’s all about the hot rods.

Dan Sobieski’s

’32 pickup