Back on the subject of power the Ford Racing Performance Coyote V-8 is found in the ’11-12 Mustang GT and is based on 302 inches (5.0 liters) that features Mahle hard-anodized and forged 11:1 pistons with low-friction Graphal coating and connected via Manley H-beam rods utilizing ARP bolts and Boss 302 rod bearings. A large rear sump oil pan (ideal for street rods) holds 8 quarts of AMSOIL Inc. synthetic engine oil. The heads feature four-valve-per-cylinder with roller-finger followers.

Being true hot rodders we couldn’t leave well enough alone. HHR’s Ladd has enjoyed a good deal of success with the Coyote V-8 and it’s through his expertise that our Coyote runs an Inglese Eight Stack Induction System modified to fit by HHR with a FAST XFI 2.0 computer. The fuel delivery is handled by an Aeromotive system (pump, filter, regulator, lines, and so on) that draws from the stock positioned Yogi’s gas tank. A custom-designed computer program was used to facilitate the fact that Ladd pressed into service COMP Cams lockout plates, setting the intake at 123 degrees and the exhaust at 108 degrees. The coupe managed 362 hp at 6,500 rpm at the rear wheels through the Gearstar automatic. (Additional pulls to 7,200 rpm showed the power curve continued to climb. Knowing our mullet-wearing Dixey would be driving the potent coupe it was thought best to dial back the power and lock it in at 6,500 rpm.) Since we are at the “rear wheels”, notice in the images that the exhaust tips dump directly in front of the Billet Vintiques wheels. The exhaust system is based on Patriot headers, VaraFlow mufflers, and combination of bends, pipe, and connectors that allows home rodders the opportunity to make their own system. The custom valley pan was fabricated at HHR while the stock valve covers feature C. Cook Enterprises aluminum inserts as they too received the nod for the very cool looking velocity stacks and accompanying air cleaners.

All “hot” motors require that a cooling system be matched to the envisioned performance. In the case of the Coyote-powered coupe an aluminum U.S. Radiator filled with AMSOIL Inc. coolant was mounted up front along with a SPAL electric fan. Getting the radiator coolant from the radiator through the engine is the result of the Vintage Air Front Runner serpentine belt system that operates the water and power steering pumps, air conditioning, and compressor. The alternator is mounted via an HHR bracket. (The Front Runner comes with an aluminum compressor cradle and power steering mount, Sanden SD7b10 compressor, compact power steering pump, hard-anodized precision-machined aluminum pulleys, Dayco tensioner and serpentine belt, and stainless steel ARP fasteners. The system is designed to retain the factory alternator and water pump drive.) Along the lines of “keeping one’s cool” we used a Gearstar tranny cooler with its own electric fan, allowing us to mount it under the car and out of the way.