The process in getting access to a car they've never seen before, getting it to the shop, dismantled, designed, rebuilt, and painted and polished before being given back to the owner as a running and driving car inside of four weeks speaks to the amazing ability of the Overhaulin' crew, appropriately nicknamed the "A-Team".

The Overhaulin' television show is now in its seventh year, and creator Chip Foose has now completed that grueling process with over 100 cars—re-imagining everything from a lowly Mustang to an exotic Lotus Europa. Originally airing on TLC from 2004 through 2009, the hour-long show will start its seventh season in October 2013 on the Velocity/Discovery cable channel with a new format.

In the episode involving Carlos Guzman's Impala (part of the sixth season), the car was put up for sale on the Internet and the undercover Overhaulin' team purchased it, only to return it to Carlos four weeks later as a finished, show-quality vehicle.

What folks who watch the show don't get to see is the manic pace of the talented crew when the cameras aren't rolling. Because of time constraints, the show sometimes spends only a few seconds commenting on the fact they've added a new Hotchkis suspension or Baer brake system to a vehicle when, in reality, hours are spent redesigning and retro-fitting parts and pieces to make everything work. Multiply this by new interiors, new drivetrains, any custom body or metalwork needed, plus a new paintjob and you begin to see there can be a lot left out of what is shown in the final version of the hour-long TV show.

But what does come across in each episode of Overhaulin' is the humanity shown to an individual who is helped along with his or her dream of owning a nice car, assembled by a great crew of talented builders. In the end, it always makes for some great television.