It's easy to see Jeff Schimpf of Prospect, Kentucky, was driven to a fascination with hop-ups since he spent his summers at Atco and Englishtown dragstrips in New Jersey watching Funny Car and Top Fuel racers tear up the 'strip. It was especially exciting since his close friends fielded an alcohol Funny Car at the same time. Growing up he owned a '69 Camaro SS and a '71 Chevelle with big-block power, which also laid the performance groundwork.

Something was missing, however, as he always reminisced about Model A coupes with blown Hemi V-8s from his days spent at the dragstrip. While attending a weekend car show, he came across two wicked Model A coupes built by Jason Graham Hot Rods of Portland, Tennessee. The cars had a truly unique style, one that led Jeff to contact Graham to take on the build of his new coupe.

Getting started, Graham fabbed one of his signature frames for a solid base, Z'd a dramatic 4 inches up front and 11 inches out back with custom crossmembers. Out back a Quick Performance 9-inch rear filled with 3.70 gears is suspended in place by a custom four-link, Panhard bar, Firestone 'bags, and Monroe tube shocks. To dial in the front, a Super Bell 4-inch dropped and drilled axle mounted suicide style is accented by '46 Ford split, drilled, and sleeved 'bones deftly matched to early Ford spindles with a Posies leaf spring and chrome tube shocks. For stopping, 11-inch Ford drums out back and SO-CAL Speed Shop disc brakes with finned aluminum drums get the job done. For the ultimate hot rod stance, 16-inch steelies from The Wheelsmith were shod with Coker wide white radials.

To give the coupe spine-tingling power, a '56 Chrysler 354ci Hemi was machined and assembled by Peanut of Nashville. It's packed with all the right goods, including a stock crank linked to forged H-beam rods wearing Ross 8:1 blower pistons. Original Chrysler heads were warmed up and a Crane Cam sets the beat. On top, a Hot Heads intake cradles a BDS 6-71 blower with six Stromberg 97-series carbs wearing OTB Gear air cleaners. Spark comes from a Mallory Unilite ignition and spent gases dump through custom headers by Graham. Power moves rearward through a TREMEC T5 to a custom driveshaft.

Graham worked his special voodoo on the original steel body, giving it a healthy 7-inch front tapering to 6-inch rear chop as well as fitting a '30 Ford firewall and sun visor in place, and fabbing up custom split 'bones blisters. Twisted Road Customs of Chicago added 315 louvers to the decklid and roof insert for a dramatic look. Graham then got the body razor sharp and doused it all in a custom-blended Axalta (formerly DuPont) satin copper vibe. Finishing the coupe, the interior is just as badass, featuring a '55 Chevy dash filled with Classic Instruments gauges accented by a CON2R Series 1 steering wheel and Lokar shifter. For comfort, custom seats by Graham were covered in diamond-pleated maroon and black leather, complemented by maroon carpeting. All we can say is this is one Street Shaker that leaves you totally breathless!

Tech Tips

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How to Run FAST EZ-EFI with Forced Induction

It is now possible to match components to run a FAST EZ-EFI system on a forced induction setup. This is possible by swapping out an EZ-EFI ECU for a new FAST XFI Sportsman version. This is a perfect option for popular blown street rods that are looking to make the switch to electronic fuel injection. Some computer tuning is required.

Choose the Best Distributor for You

EZ-EFI does not control ignition, meaning that a standard distributor must be used with an Inglese EZ-EFI 8-Stack Induction System. The best option is to contact FAST or Inglese for a distributor recommendation that is the ideal choice for one of these setups.