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Featured 1958 Street Rods

The professionals at Street Rodder Magazine have compiled a list of 1958 custom cars and street rods for your enjoyment. These flawless vehicles have been transformed by taking vintage cars classics and adding dramatic and unique looks. Whether it is chopped, shaved, or fabricated you are sure to find a number of custom hot rods that you’ve never seen before. Take a look below and get reviews and photos from 1958 hot rods.

Street Rod Blogs

Ron Cizek's 1940 Ford Coupe
That’s Andy Leach, the builder of this year’s Don Ridler Memorial Award winner... more
Powermaster Performance to offer free tech inspect at NSRA Street Rod Nationals
For five years in a row, Powermaster Performance has offered its services at the NSRA Street Rod... more
Miller Electric Is Saving You Money This Month
"Passion. Pride. Craftsmanship." You're darn right! ... more
The Eagle One Golden Rule Award Has Been Announced!
 Many of you know Eagle One is a company known for its automotive appearance products. Heck, I even... more
eBay Built Gasser Van
The editors of Hot Rod are in the process now of building this '68 Chevy Van for the 2012 SEMA Show... more

Street Rod Forums

Chopped Cab Over Engine (COE) Coupes and Sedans
Anyone else wonder ....if someone just had it out for this car?? Some designer or exec just... more
new old guy
New guy to this forum. A very old guy to hot rods, street rods, customs, classics and muscle cars.... more
What's a Rat Rod?
hey guys i would like to say that i am building a model A RAT ROD and this is a subject that just... more
1999 Street Rodder issues, Ford FE engine series
here are a few articles doc also writes has some articles over in engine builder magazine... his... more
Mexican Blackbird engine
Nice article on Billy Gibbons' 1958 T-Bird ... I've always thought one of those original square... more
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