Don’t you wonder why sometimes you’ll see dealers selling high-end cars on eBay making really stupid and/or erroneous proclamations about the cars they sell? Take this ’33 roadster, for instance.

Listed numerous times over the last few months, this ’33 Ford roadster was built by Don Thelan for Jim McNamara starting in ’84 at Don’s shop in Paramount, California. I did the design work on it. The cowl is moved back a few inches, and the body behind the doors was shortened to accommodate the relocated cowl, so the doors and wheelbase are stock length. This necessitated a longer hood. The hood top is stock length because the ’33 grille is leaned back the same amount as the cowl is moved back.

Jim had the Grand National Roadster bug, and entered a ’32 built by California Street Rods [CSR] in ’82, but in an embarrassing turnabout another ’32 roadster built and owned by CSR owner Chuck Lombardo won that year. Ouch!

McNamara then went to Thelan to try again. Thelan had won one Grand National already, and ultimately went on to win six before his untimely death in the late-90s. This time McNamara won in ’86. A lot of the suspension came from Boyd Coddington, who is mistakenly credited with designing and building this car. He did neither. Strikes one and two. Nor is this a ’34 roadster as advertised, but instead a ’33. Strike Three.

Only wanting to clear things up for the seller I contacted them through eBay and explained all of this in an email. They continue to list the car with the same incorrect nonsense. Amazing.

We all love eBay, and perusing the cars for sale is a daily addiction for me, as I’m sure it is with most of you. But “caveat emptor” should always be your mantra. Click HERE to see the bogus ad.