I feel that we in the UK now build cars of the same quality as you guys and the color coverage would have been good for the hobby in the UK. Or is it maybe that we now build better cars than you guys do and you just cannot stand to see our cars shining in a top American magazine.

I would like to add that I find that not only your magazine but also other top car mags in the states seem to have the same outlook on UK cars.

Your comments are eagerly awaited and I will be surprised if this letter is printed in your readers letter page. I hope you will accept this letter as constructive criticism and be assured of my continuing support for your magazine.Steve Lang
UK NSRA Member
Via the Internet

Surprise! I have been in this business too long to take anything personal, and, maybe, it's all of those years as a football official that has toughened my sensibilities. Anyway, sorry we didn't give your event color but the Australian event was in-house and ready to go first, hence it was placed on the color pages-and that was that! Hey, we like your cars as much as anybody's. Although we do believe you place the steering wheel on the wrong side.

Who Cares
I just want to voice my opinion on your choice for the STREET RODDER Street Rod of the Year. I know this has always been a "what came first" argument, but I think if a car is getting a Street Rod of the Year award it should be a street rod, not a trailer rod! That is about the same as Major League Baseball giving the MVP award to someone who doesn't play ball! But your mag is still the best and I realize that it is a tough choice to pick one car, so why don't you have a "readers pick" where you can vote on-line or something.

Also what's with all the" foreign" show coverage? One thing I like about you mag is that you usually cover shows on both coasts and between. But who give a rats butt about British, Australian, or Euro Nats! What happened to your coverage of Worcester, or the Rock-a-billy Rumble? By far the best display of cars ever!Jim ValentinoVia the Internet

Whew, we have lots of issues here. As for our selection of the Street Rod of the Year, we stand behind, in front of, or inside of Jim Fountain's nifty ride. And, we might add it really is a driver and as fine an example of a street rod that anyone will ever come across.

As for the foreign coverage. Take a close look at the cover of STREET RODDER and you will note that we proclaim ourselves, "The World's Street Rodding Authority." The way we look at it is-we aren't the only ones with street rods. And, as far as covering events from coast to coast, we do. Look closely, you will see Rock-A-Billy Rumble and any number of other right coast events.

A Little Help Here
I would like to add my support for Joe Nemo and add some of my own comments. You say you are a street rod magazine, and yet most of the time you pick a show car as Street Rod of the Year. A street rod is a car that is driven on the street-not to a trailer around the corner.

I think you and the NSRA and Goodguys should start putting these show cars in the right place, in a show with their peers and not with a driven street rods. It's an unfair world and you and the clubs are part of that unfair world and also promote it. Maybe you should start a new magazine for show cars and leave this one for the real street rodders.Grumpy Ray GillotteVia the Internet

Grumpy, hey we have nothing to do with the NSRA or Goodguys as to the types of cars they select. As for SRM picking show cars-that's not quite true. Back in '98 it's true that particular car was a trailer queen. This past year Jim Fountain's Model A sedan (sort of) was a street rod and a street rodder's dream in every sense of the word, given the fact it was both a driver and he did the work himself. Aside from our own award, we try and stay out of the award business.