Once old now new

The heavy-duty mufflers that were used by the original hot rodders in the ’40s and ’50s are available once again. For those who are not familiar with Porter Mufflers they are vintage steel-pac mufflers that have a very deep, desirable, unique sound. Porter Mufflers are still hand manufactured right here in the United States just like they were back in the ’30s. They are made from the same quality 16-gauge steel and stainless steel bodies, with a steel coil center. They are hand packed with stainless steel, giving them that classic vintage rumble.

Porter Mufflers LLC
(763) 463-3452

Looks Fast

Classic Instruments now offers the V-8 Speedster Series instruments. This set, designed by renowned automotive designer Tom Gale, has a unique dial face executed with the perfect combination of aesthetics and techniques. The emblematic V-8 badge on the face of the gauge embraces the American hot rod heritage. With the accentuating chrome pointers and etched indices, this gauge represents the timeless quality that Classic Instruments strives for and consistently achieves. Classic Instruments is proud to produce an exceptional, exclusive, extraordinary instrument—just like you and your hot rod.

Classic Instruments
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Braking News

To cure the all-too-common problem of “spongy” brakes, Art Morrison Enterprises has developed a special through-frame brake line fitting that eliminates any fluid air pockets that can occur with other designs. Fittings can be employed where aftermarket brake systems will be used.

CNC-machined from stainless steel billet material at Art Morrison’s facility, they can be used with any framerail up to 2 inches in width. Designed to accommodate standard AN -3 brake lines (male fitting on one end, female on the other) the AME Full-Pressure Fittings can be retrofitted to most any existing hydraulic brake system; and are available individually or in pairs.

Art Morrison Enterprises
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Wiped Clean

American Autowire, premier automotive electrical manufacturer for street rod, muscle, and classic cars, is announcing a new Wiper Motor Control Module.

The Wiper Motor Low/High Speed Control Module controls two-speed motors with momentary ground activation and allows an intermittent swipe when the ground switch is held down. The module controls the park function of the wiper to prevent excessive wear on the motor. It includes a locking wedge to incorporate it into an existing accessory module as well as a stand-alone mounting bracket.

This electronic module accepts a momentary ground, most notably by a tilt wheel or turn signal lever–mounted momentary switch to operate a two-speed “coast to park” wiper motor with either a single- or two-speed wiper switch. When the wiper switch is in the “low speed” or “on” position, alternate momentary grounds switch between high- and low-speed motor circuits. When the wiper switch is off, holding the momentary switch to the ground activates the “intermittent swipe” option on the low-speed circuit for as long as the momentary ground is held. Includes mounting bracket and full-detailed color instructions.

The Wiper Motor Low/High Speed Control Module is available for $89 (PN 510187).

American Autowire
(800) 482-WIRE

Top-End Performance

Edelbrock now offers the E-Street Power Package Top End kits for small- and big-block Chevys and small-block Fords.

These kits provide the Edelbrock Performer or Performer RPM intake manifold, E-Street cylinder heads, a Performer Plus hydraulic camshaft with lifters, timing chain and gear set, gasket sets, and all of the necessary hardware needed for installation.

In dyno testing, the small-block Chevy kit (PN 2022) on a 350 V-8 short-block with an Edelbrock Performer Series 600-cfm carburetor resulted in 315 hp and 381 ft-lb of torque with pump gas. Small-block Ford kit (PN 2027) on a 302 V-8 short-block with an Edelbrock Performer Series 600-cfm carburetor provided 321 hp and 337 ft-lb of torque.

Edelbrock Corporation
(310) 781-2222