Slayer Carb

Quick Fuel Technology offers an affordable series of 600- and 750-cfm vacuum secondary street carbs named the QFT Slayer Series ($299). They share the same QFT race engineering, all-aluminum construction, and hand-built quality that is built into all QFT race-winning carburetors.

The Slayer comes with a unique design that utilizes a secondary metering plate with changeable jets. The majority of fine-tuning on a street carburetor is done on the primary side, and the Slayer provides all of the popular options: changeable idle air and high-speed air bleeds, three-stage emulsion circuits, changeable primary idle feed restrictions and power valve restrictions, plus the QFT QuickSet adjustment on the vacuum secondary diaphragm that provides a quick external twist adjustment without changing springs. Secondary metering can be altered with changeable main jets and the secondary float is also notched for jet extensions.

The Slayer 600 cfm (PN SL-600-VS) has a 1-9/16-inch throttle bore and 1.312-inch venturi, and the Slayer 750 cfm (PN SL-750-VS) features a 1-11/16-inch throttle bore and a 1.375-inch venturi.

Quick Fuel Technology

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Easy-to-Use Body Fillers

The Eastwood Company offers uniquely formulated autobody filler products that achieve a smooth-as-glass finish prior to painting. The new Contour line from Eastwood includes: Premium Body Filler, Lightweight Body Filler, Aluminum Repair Compound, Polyester Glazing Putty, and Polyester Primer-Surfacer, along with a complete array of application, priming, and painting products.

The Eastwood Company

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What’s New in the Box

Wrenchers Tool Chest has some new additions. Enlisting Von Hot Rod, the latest box is a pinstripers paint box called the Von Rod Kustom Paint Box.

The Jewelry Cabinet measures 23 inches wide by 49 inches high by 23 inches in diameter, built from solid 3/4-inch Alder, red dye added to multiple coats of semigloss lacquer to give translucent effect, nine solid cherry dovetail drawers on soft close glides, opening top with mirror and 3-inch deep storage compartment on top, each drawer bottom lined with anti-tarnish mat ($2,499).

The Paint Box measures 20 inches wide by 18 inches high by 11 inches in diameter, built from solid 1/2-inch Cherry, five drawers, opening top with 3-inch-deep storage area, removable front for easy access (sold as raw wood ready for finish, $299).

Wrenchers Tool Chest

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