Old-Time Nostalgia

Classic Instruments’ series features a raised accent ring in the center complemented by the custom-built, handmade chrome pointer. Alternating diamond indices give this series a rich, classic feel. The beautiful color combination captivates a nostalgic, vintage finish on the series. This series comes with stainless high-step bezels, curved glass, and is available in several combinations of instruments.

Classic Instruments

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Black Magic

These Victor Series water pumps feature a black powdercoating with a textured surface for a unique appearance. The coating also gives these water pumps a durable protective layer that will keep them looking great for years. Match with Edelbrock black powdercoated air cleaners, valve covers, carburetors, and intake manifolds for a complete new and unique look for any engine bay.

Edelbrock Victor Series water pumps are cast in their ultramodern foundry and made from A356 aluminum and heat-treated to T-6 spec. They feature a heavy-duty 3/4-inch integral ball/roller bearing that offers low friction for improved performance and a billet steel hub for extreme durability. A six-vane powdered metal precision cast impeller improves coolant flow and ensures equal distribution to both sides of the block. A heavy-duty seal ensures leak-proof operation and a long life.

Edelbrock Corporation

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Cast In Iron

The Hooker LS cast-iron exhaust manifolds from Holley Performance Products are the perfect solution for exhaust in a tight engine bay or where the maintenance-free characteristics of manifolds are desired. They are designed to hug close to the engine block so they fit into a wide variety of replacement and engine-swap applications. Their contoured design aims the exhaust directly at the exit port for improved flow. Being cast iron means they will provide years of leak-free performance with less underhood noise than traditional headers. Plus, their shorty design means you can route exhaust tubing close to your frame and floor pan for maximum ground clearance. The manifolds are available in five finish options, including Cast Iron Gray Ceramic, Silver Ceramic, Titanium Ceramic, Black Ceramic, and As Cast.

Holley Performance Products

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Makin’ It Fit

Trans-Dapt Performance Products has unveiled a new line of Engine Swap Motor Mount Kits and Transmission Crossmembers with rugged, ultradurable polyurethane mounting pads.

By resisting flex and deflection, polyurethane mounts channel more power to the tires than standard rubber mounts. The result is a better foundation for your motor swap and improved performance. New Trans-Dapt Performance Engine Swap Motor Mount Kits (made in United States) are available for dozens of applications, featuring engine and chassis combination–specific designs and contain all necessary hardware. Kits include laser-cut steel brackets, polyurethane pads, and mounting hardware.

Trans-Dapt also offers a wide variety of transmission crossmember kits with Polyurethane pads. Crossmembers are manufactured out of 0.114-inch-thick wall tubing, are MIG welded, and include all necessary mounting hardware. Vehicle-specific crossmembers include putting C4, C6, and TH350 automatics in ’53-64 Ford pickups and putting TH400 automatics in S-10 pickups and Blazers. Universal models are available for 700-R4, 4L60E, T56, and other transmissions in standard height or with an optional 3- or 6-inch drop, and are designed for use with 26- to 36-inch wide-open channel framerails.


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Internal Drum Brakes

Wilwood Engineering’s new 11-inch Internal Drum E-Brake Rear Kits are perfect for enthusiasts who have original smaller-diameter rear wheel sizes. This kit will work with 15-inch diameter wheels and will also work with many 14-inch wheels that are designed to clear disc brakes.