Updated 11/07/06


Kit vehicle: a motor vehicle which has been assembled by a person other than a manufacturer of vehicles.

a. To be termed a "kit vehicle," the assembled motor vehicle shall consist of a minimum of the following new parts:

(1) Truck or truck tractor: Vehicle cab and frame.

(2) Motorcycle or motorized bicycle: Vehicle frame. However, a new motorcycle or motorized bicycle which is delivered by a manufacturer, distributor or importer to a purchaser as an unassembled vehicle shall not be considered a kit vehicle.

(3) All other motor vehicles: Vehicle body.

b. The term "glider kit" shall be synonymous with the term "kit vehicle."

Antique vehicle: A motor vehicle twenty-five years old or older.

Updated 12-14-06
Iowa Spinner Hubcaps:
The SAN defeated Iowa legislation that would have prohibited motor vehicles equipped with spinner hubcaps. The bill ignored the fact that spinner hubcaps have no proven detrimental effect on motor vehicle safety and are not prohibited by Federal law.