Collector: a person who is the owner of one or more vehicles of historic or special interest who collects, purchases, acquires, trades or disposes of these vehicles or parts thereof for the person's own use in order to preserve, restore and maintain a similar vehicle for hobby purposes.

Historic or special interest vehicle: a vehicle of any age that, because of its significance, is being collected, preserved, restored or maintained by a collector as a leisure pursuit

Horseless carriage: a motor vehicle at least thirty-five years old that is owned as a collector's item and used solely for exhibition and educational purposes.

Parts car: a motor vehicle generally in nonoperable condition that is owned by a collector to furnish parts that are usually nonobtainable from normal sources, thus enabling a collector to preserve, restore and maintain a motor vehicle of historic or special interest.

Specially constructed vehicle: a vehicle of a type required to be registered under the Motor Vehicle Code [66-1- 1 NMSA 1978] not originally constructed under a distinctive name, make, model or type by a generally recognized manufacturer of vehicles and not materially altered from its original construction.