Updated 11/07/06


Historical motor vehicle: any vehicle manufactured more than 25 years prior to the current calendar year, and any other model, year and type vehicle which has unique characteristics and which is determined by the commissioner to be of historical, classical or exhibition value.

Replica: a full scale copy of a production motor vehicle manufactured during some previous year.

Custom-built or homemade motor vehicle

Updated 12-14-06
New York Grille/Brush Guards:
Legislation in New York to prohibit the public road use of motor vehicles equipped with a grille or brush guard was defeated by the SAN. The measure would have required owners of vehicles currently equipped with grille guards (including those purchased with this equipment from a dealership) to remove these guards.

New York Historic Fees: A SAN-supported bill would provide that historical vehicle owners pay only a one-time registration fee of $23 upon initial registration. The reduced registration fee would be available to owners of historical vehicles owned and operated as an exhibition piece or collector's item and used for club activities, exhibits, tours, parades, occasional transportation and similar uses. The $23 one-time fee would replace the current annual fee of $23.

Updated 12-14-06
New York Windshield Wiper Lights:
The SAN defeated legislation that would have prohibited motor vehicle windshield wipers from having lights. Some vehicles are equipped with windshield wiper lights as accent lighting for styling purposes. These accent lighting devices increase the conspicuity of the vehicle and have no effect on motor vehicle safety. The SAN opposes any use limitations or prohibitions on optional lighting equipment or accessories not related to a proven safety hazard.

Updated 12-14-06
New York Spinner Hubcaps:
SAN-opposed legislation that would prohibit the sale and use of motor vehicles equipped with spinner hubcaps was defeated in New York. The bill would have subjected vehicle owners to fines of up to $750 for a third or subsequent violation. Those convicted of selling spinner hubcaps would have been fined $150 for each violation. The measure ignored the fact that custom wheels are not prohibited by Federal law and that spinner hubcaps have no proven detrimental effect on motor vehicle safety.

New York Tires: Legislation to require all motor vehicle tires, except those intended for vehicles over 10,000 pounds, to carry a date of manufacture molded on both sides remains pending. SAN is opposing the bill because the date of a tire's manufacture is already on the sidewall as part of the Tire Identification Number, and because no scientific data exists on when tires are "too old" for use. In addition, manufacturers have just retooled their molds due to the new tire labeling regulations issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2002. SAN also believes that this legislation may deflect consumer attention from critical concerns such as proper inflation levels, tread depth and overloading.