Road Tour 2000 is the fifth in the series of purpose-built street rods done with the intent of showcasing the durability of street rod manufactured products. The Road Tour series also showcases builders, building ideas, and achieves its goals by driving the cars to and from NSRA events all summer long. The four previous cars were the '34 Ford coupe in 1996, the McMullen-clone Deuce highboy roadster in 1997, the '37 Ford phantom tub in 1998, the '32 Ford highboy sedan in 1999, and now the second McMullen-clone Deuce highboy roadster in 2000. This year the STREET RODDER Road Tour 2000 is presented by Eagle One Products driven to many NSRA events by our Road Tour chauffeur Jerry Dixey. (If you are reading this story while at the NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky, make sure to stop by the SRM booth and take a look at the car in person.)

There have been various themes over the years, but for 2000 the staff wanted to revisit our roots as well as take a leap into the future. Hence, the M-2000. Built with our founder Tom McMullen in mind we decided to construct a car the way he might have done it. (For the "rest of the story" on the three McMullen-built cars as well as the first clone, look back to the May 1997 issue of SRM.) There is no denying the telltale signs of a McMullen car via the black-and-flamed Deuce highboy roadster and, of course, the signature Moon tank. And while there are numerous other "signs," upon closer inspection it becomes apparent this clone isn't an exact representation--nor was it meant to be! The M-2000 has its heritage based in hot rodding that includes the 30-plus year history of street rodding as seen through the editorial pages of SRM. It's the year 2000, so what better way to show the past and what the future may hold than to view it through the quintessential street rod: the 1932 Ford highboy roadster--the Deuce!

The car is based on a Downs Manufacturing '32 Ford roadster fiberglass body fitted with a Hagan hood, fit with Carolina Custom hood braces, resting atop a set of rails (stretched to accomodate a 111-inch wheelbase) from Just-a-Hobby, and blended together by the craftsman at Lobeck's V8 Shop. (Lobeck's built the first clone roadster, as well.) Underpinnings come from one of the premier component manufacturers in the business--Heidt's Hot Rod Shop.

The independent front suspension is the tried and true Superide IFS utilizing Wilwood disc brakes, Aldan coilover shocks, and lots of brightwork. Hooked to the IFS are a Flaming River rack and pinion, steering U-joints, and steering shafts. The rear suspension is the latest addition to the Superide family from Heidt's. This IRS is based on a Ford 9-inch third member as an integral part of a cast aluminum alloy centersection, a set of Aldan coilover shocks, Wilwood inboard-mounted disc brakes, Heidt's half-shafts, uprights, and lower control arms. Again, lots of brightwork here in the form of polished aluminum and chrome. By the way, all the chrome on the car, including the Moon tank, was aptly handled by Advanced Plating. Suspending the car at each of the four corners are Goodyear Eagle GTs. In front are 205/55R15s, while in the rear are 255/56R17s mounted to the Billet Specialties "Octane" exposed-lug, five-spoke wheels. (Billet Specialties also supplied the rear license plate frame.)

Clearly one of the trademarks of the original McMullen roadster, and all that followed, is the paint scheme. Ebony black with red and yellow flames--unmistakable. Ed Roethel laid out the tribal fire graphic, a modern representation of the traditional flame job, on the M-2000. The paint itself is made from a combination of a PPG silver basecoat topped off with PPG Concept Radiance II candy colors (Sunset Red, PN 72722, and Sunshine Yellow, PN 82623).

Several other modern touches are the up-to-date headlights from C.W. Moss and the '39 Ford-styled LED taillights from Lambert Enterprises. Look closely and you'll see that Lobeck's blended the taillights into the body for a smooth finish. Very cool!

Look some more and you will note the stainless grille insert and windshield (with Bob Drake windshield rubber), all coming from Dan Fink Metalworks. (In fact, a Dan Fink Metalworks windshield was used on the last McMullen-owned roadster.) Attached to the windshield is a Lobeck-modified Sun Specs rearview mirror.

Resting within the Downs body is a Portage Trim upholstery stitched in off-white leather, black carpet complete with center console, and seat belts from Juliano's. Other interior appointments include the latest from Dakota Digital in the round dash-mounted instruments, while Lokar got the nod for the shifter, throttle, and brake pedal. The steering column (as does all the steering) comes from Flaming River, and is topped off with a Lobeck three-spoke wheel. Another nifty appointment is the use of Phipps Rod & Custom inner door handles.

What would a McMullen roadster be without horsepower? McMullen was known for making lots of thunder and so should the M-2000. The foundation for the small-block Chevy is a Jim Pace Performance bare block that was turned over to the engine pros at Ida Automotive and Modern Performance to build and tune this heartbeat. Nick Mannarino of Modern Performance, Inc. received the nod for all the necessary machining, balancing, and assembly of the major components. Bob Ida of Ida Automotive, Inc. set up and assembled the valvetrain, all minor components, fuel injection, and dynotuned the fuel and spark maps. In other words, Bob made it work. Attached to the stroker small-block is a TPI Performance-prepped 700-R4 transmission and torque converter that uses Lokar TV cables.

They began with a garage full of Holley Performance Products items such as a Lunati stroker kit complete with cam and pistons and a Holley SysteMAX topped off with a Holley Pro-Jection. The Holley family of performance products supplied the Annihilator ignition, Hooker headers (with Street & Performance flange gaskets), and Earl's plumbing (Made For You double-line clamps were used). Other items to complete the engine were a Vibratech engine damper, a Powermaster alternator, Mr. Gasket oil pump, timing cover, gaskets, and a GM oil pan from Jim Pace Performance.

Engine dress-up fell to Zoop's Hot Rod Products for the air cleaner, valve covers, pulleys, and the like, while Walker supplied the radiator and Cooling Components supplied the electric fan and shroud.

If there ever were a street rod with a legacy it clearly is the McMullen roadster. There are three "originals" and now two clones. Where will it stop? Who knows? If Tom only knew what he started in 1958 for $600?

Our Partners in Building the Street Rodder Road Tour 2000

Advanced Plating (Nashville, TN)chrome
Aldan Shocks (Carson, CA)coilover shocks
A&M Soffseal (Harrison, OH)grille lacing, rubber stops, extrusion rubber
Billet Specialties (Burr Ridge, IL)wheels & license plate frame
Bob Drake (Grants Pass, OR)windshield rubber
California Car Cover Co. (Chatsworth, CA)car cover
Carolina Custom Hot Rod Parts (Clinton, NC)hood braces
Cooling Components (Proctor, AR)electric fan & shroud
C.W. Moss Auto Parts (Orange, CA)headlights
Dan Fink Metalworks (Huntington Beach, CA)stainless grille insert, windshield posts & frame
Dakota Digital (Sioux Falls, SD)digital instruments
Don's Hot Rods (Germantown, OH)battery tray
Downs Mfg. (Lawton, MI)'32 Ford roadster body
Eagle One (Carlsbad, CA)waxes, cleaners & polishes
Earl's / Holley (Bowling Green, KY)lines, fittings & hoses
Flaming River (Berea, OH)steering box, shaft, U-joints & column
Goodyear Tire (Akron, OH)Eagle GT tires
Hagan Street Rod Necessities (Carson City, NV)hood and latch assembly
Heidt's Hot Rod Shop (Wauconda, IL)IFS and IRS
Holley Performance Products (Bowling Green, KY)engine components
Hooker Industries (Holley) (Bowling Green, KY)headers
Hotronics (Anaheim, CA)switches
Ida Automotive (Morganville, NJ)engine assembly, fuel injection & dyno
Inland Empire Driveline (Ontario, CA)driveshaft
Jethro Outer Spaceartist rendering
Jim Pace Performance Whse. (Niles, OH)bare block & oil pan
Juliano's (Vernon, CT)seat belts
Just-A-Hobby (Cleveland, OH)framerails
K&N Engineering (Riverside, CA)air filter
Lambert Enterprises (Norris, TN)LED taillights
Lobeck's V8 Shop (Cleveland, OH)construction, paint, steering wheel
Lokar, Inc. (Knoxville, TN)throttle & brake pedals, throttle & shift cables, emergency brake & cable
Made For You Products (Pinion Hills, CA)double-line clamps
Moal, Inc. (Oakland, CA)apparel
Modern Performance (Morganville, NJ)block prep, machine work & balancing
Mooneyes (Santa Fe Springs, CA)Moon tank
Mr. Gasket (Cleveland, OH)oil pump, gaskets, & timing cover
Optima Battery (Aurora, CO)battery
Pete & Jake's Hot Rod Parts (Peculiar, MO)brake pedal assembly & booster
Phipp's Rod & Custom (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)interior door handles
Pioneer Audio (Long Beach, CA)stereo & GPS system
Portage Trim (Ravenna, OH)interior upholstery
Powermaster (Knoxville, TN)alternator
PPG (Strongsville, OH)paint materials
Ron Francis Wire Works (Chester, PA)wire loom
Southern Rods & Parts (Greer, SC)heater
Springfield Street Rods (Springfield, OH)VDO fuel sender
Stainless Specialties (Sebastian, FL)exhaust system
Street & Performance (Mena, AR)header flange gaskets
Sun Specs (Osage Beach, MO)rearview mirror
Tanks, Inc. (Clearwater, MN)gas tank
TPI Performance (Griffith, IN)700-R4 & converter
Vibratech (Alden, NY)crank damper
Walker Radiator Works (Memphis, TN)radiator
Weiand / Holley (Bowling Green, KY)aluminum water pump
Wilwood Engineering (Camarillo, CA)disc brake kits
Zoop's Hot Rod Products (Banning, CA)air cleaner, valve covers, engine bracketry