The crew at Lobeck's is now ready for construction of the exhaust system on the M-2000 Road Tour roadster with the addition of the new style "tribal fire" flames to the body and the final assembly of our topless tour car.

As is the case with almost our entire M-2000, the exhaust system on our roadster is a handcrafted, custom-fabricated work of art. Along with heading up the Just-a-Hobby division at Lobeck's, Dan Tsar is their exhaust system specialist. Dan started with #304 14-gauge stainless tubing and tight radius 90-degree forged fitting--all from Stainless Specialties in Sebastian, Florida. Dan was able to custom design the exhaust system to ensure a perfect fit to the M-2000 chassis.

Lou Burger at Stainless Specialties has been providing the street rod industry with stainless steel products for 18 years. Their product line includes all components for exhaust system construction. They also provide other products such as coolant recovery tanks and power steering reservoirs--all manufactured from high-quality stainless steel.

With the handcrafted exhaust system completed, it was time to run the plumbing for the brake and fuel systems. Earl's Performance supplied all of our needs out of the Holley Performance Products family. There are two signature items that the original McMullen Roadster was famous for: the wild flames and the Moon tank up front. For the M-2000 "next millenium" version, it was decided to continue the tradition but with a twist. This time around, the paint scheme will be lit up with what we will call "tribal fire," a modern version of traditional flames. The entire frame and Downs Manufacturing body were sprayed with traditional basic black. Ed Rothel then laid out the fire graphics. After that he applied a PPG silver base-coat topped off with PPG Concept Radiance II candy colors (Sunset Red PN 72722 and Sunshine Yellow PN 82623).

We are very near completion. There are a few major components that we have not discussed yet. Don't worry: the powertrain, including the exotic engine with its state-of-the-art Holley performance products, will be featured later on. The professionals at Ida Automotive in Morganville, New Jersey, and Modern Performance in West Long Branch, New Jersey, built us a motor that puts out 300 horsepower at the rear wheel!

We are almost ready to roll. Be sure to follow our summer-long cruise in the pages of STREET RODDER, to attend one of the Road Shows we will hold before each NSRA event, and to stop by our booth at the rod runs. We will give you an update as we follow "state-of-rodding" in the new millenium.