After Monday evening in Las Vegas, the Road Tour crew was up early and ready to roll early Tuesday morning. Our destination was is Page, Arizona and we had a few places to stop along the way. As we pulled out of the Gold Coast Casino we didn't realize that our planned route would be altered later in the day by a forest fire!

Traveling north on I-15 we stopped in St George to fuel and grab a bite to eat. Our destination for the afternoon was the north rim of the Grand Canyon. From St George there were a few choices for routes to travel to the Canyon. Some folks took the southern route through Colorado City and others took the northern swing through Zion National Park. One of the things that we have stressed on all of the Road Tours is that folks are free to roam on different routes according to what they want to see out on the tour.

I chose the route through Zion since I had never been through the park. It was a great drive and the Chevy Coupe was clicking right along. From Zion I traveled south to the north rim of the Canyon. The folks that chose the southern route were already coming up from the rim. I spent about an hour at the canyon. I had seen the view from the south a number of times but the view from the north is an entirely different perspective.

By this time there were about four of us traveling together. When we reached the planned turn off for our trip to Page we were greeted by some rangers who informed us that the road was closed because of forest fires in the area. We checked the map and found another route. It was a lesson learned, luckily we had given ourselves enough time to get to Page before dark. As others in the group arrived at the hotel we all compared our days notes. Once again we all had a great day on the Road Tour.

Tomorrow is going to be the first day of summer, the longest day of the year and with what we have planned for our route, possibly the most beautiful drive of the Road Tour this summer. Check back soon, I will give you all the details.

Jerry Dixey