Road Tour #3

Okay Folks, go get a road atlas, a beverage and follow along as the PPG/Street Rodder Road Tour #3 has found a route that you will want to take if you ever get the chance. All set?

Tuesday evening we stayed in Page, Arizona. Wednesday, June 21 was the first day of summer and offered more hours of light than any day of the year. We were determined to take full advantage of this unique opportunity of location and time. At 7:00 AM we gathered in the front of the hotel for our daily drivers meeting. During these meetings we go over the days' planned route and destination. Questions are answered; comments and suggestions are made. Page, Arizona is very close to the Arizona/Utah border so we headed southeast on Route 98. At this point, and for the next 3 hours, we were on the Navajo Indian Reservation, which is by far one of the prettiest places on earth. We headed north on Route 160 to Kayenta, the gateway to Monument Valley, (Route 163 travels through some of the most spectacular rock formations I have ever seen). Continuing on 163 we passed through Mexican Hat and on to Bluff. At Bluff Utah we headed north on Utah Route 191 where the landscape and scenery was breathtaking. After a quick lunch-break, we continued up the 191.

By 3 in the afternoon we reached the town of Moab, Utah and caught Route 128, which travels along the Colorado River and through the Arches National Park area. This one-hour drive is ranked one of the most beautiful routes in the nation. No argument here as we all agreed that it was absolutely amazing.

Route 128 took us to I-70 where we headed east for a party that was being thrown in our honor. Good friends Darrell and Rosalie Zip at Zipper Motors rolled out the Grand Junction red carpet as we were treated to great food and entertainment from some great Bluegrass musicians The Hallelujah Band was lead by non other than Danny Agajanian of the famous Agajanian racing family. To end our incredible day we took a sunset cruise through The Colorado Monument, which is a gorgeous 26-mile drive over the steep cliffs and vistas surrounding Grand Junction.

This was truly an amazing day on Road Tour #3. We saw some unbelievable scenery and traveled through some of the most beautiful area of our great country. The things that made it all so special was we were able to enjoy it all with great friends while traveling in our street rods. It just doesn't get much better than that!

Well, we are almost to Pueblo and the NSRA Rocky Mountain Nationals. Check back. You will be the first to get a full report on all the excitement.

Jerry Dixey