At the driver's meeting the morning after our visit to The Smith Collection of American Speed Museum, we all decided that we wanted to be adopted by Joyce and Bill Smith. Everyone was still talking about the incredible collection that we had the privilege of visiting the night before.

From Lincoln we headed west on I-80 toward our destination for Tuesday of Cheyenne, Wyoming. The trip across Nebraska is a long flat straight journey through cornfields and grazing land. Some folks stopped in Kearney, Nebraska and visited The Great Platte River Road Archway Monument. The Monument stretches across I-80 and is a real history lesson about the early pioneers who made the trek west many years ago. It is worth a visit if you have the time.

Tuesday was a day of car troubles for a few of us on the Tour. Fortunately nothing real serious but bad gas caused some problems for some of the Road Tourians. I had to change the fuel filter on the Tour Chevy. It had become clogged but better the filter than the carb. It is always a good idea to carry a spare filter when you travel. You never know the quality of gas you can come across on the road. The good folks at Aeromotive made sure that I had spares and sent back-up via next day UPS.

After checking in at the hotel in Cheyenne many folks went to the Old West Museum. After the visit to the museum we had been invited to a local cruise at a McDonalds in Cheyenne. A few weeks before our Tour I had called NSRA Northwest Division Director Fred Williams who lives in Cheyenne. I know Fred from the many years I spent traveling to the NSRA events around the nation. Fred is a member of the Cheyenne Rods and Customs club and said that he would try to get a cruise together for our visit. He contacted John Arciniega of the Cheyenne Classic Chevys club and the word of our visit quickly was circulated. To say the word got around is an understatement. We were amazed as we were greeted at the McDonalds by at least 100 local rods, customs and classic Chevys. John had arranged to have door prizes and we were welcomed by the locals car community with open arms. It was a fantastic turnout in Cheyenne and all of the Road Tourians appreciated the hospitality.

We left Cheyenne Wednesday morning and made a stop at the huge Lincoln Monument about 40 miles west of Cheyenne. The statue commemorates the Lincoln Highway which was the first road to go coast to coast across the United States and was completed in 1913. It was originally designated Route 30 and follows I-80 in many western states. By Wednesday morning we had everyone on the Tour together and we posed for a group picture at the monument.

We crossed Wyoming and arrived in West Valley City, Utah a suburb of Salt Lake City by 4:00PM Wednesday. We were to be guests of honor at the headquarters of Willy's Garage that evening. Owner Bill Williams has introduced a line of high end waxes, polishes and car cars products. Bill is also a major distributor of Iwata paint spray equipment and airbrushes. Our short trip from the hotel to the Willy's Garage offices was very exciting as we were escorted by about 10 motorcycle police from the West Valley police department. It was another Road Tour first. At Willy's Garage we were greeted by Bill, Charley Hutton from the American Hot Rod TV Show and many local rodders. We enjoyed a great BBQ dinner and a tour of the facilities which included a fantastic collection of airbrush art from some of the best artists in the world. Local celebrity J.C Hackett handled the music and announcements all evening. It was another incredible day on the Willy's Garage Tour.

Thursday morning our schedule takes us to our final destination of Wendover, Nevada and the final days of Bonneville Speed Week. Check back here for all of the details of the last two days of the AMSOIL/ Street Rodder Willy's Garage Road Tour.