After our Monday morning driver's meeting it was a short drive to Steve's Auto Restoration in Portland, Oregon. Owner Steve Frisbie and staff were waiting with coffee and donuts when we arrived. Steve's Auto Restoration has been known for their high quality craftsmanship for many years. Their projects have won many awards and their field of expertise ranges from high end concourse work to more recently their 1934 Ford roadster and coupe reproduction steel bodies. It was interesting to see such a wide range of projects under way. The metal work that is done at Steve's is of incredible high quality. We were also given a demonstration of the work that can be done on the huge two headed vintage power hammer. These tools are very rare and finding craftsman who can put them to good use is even rarer. Steve's is lucky enough to have both.

From Steve's Auto Restorations we drove 30 minutes south and east to the home and private shop of Wendy and Bill Jabs in Eagle Creek. Wendy and Bill have been car enthusiasts for many years and have put together a very eclectic collection of special interest vehicles. The common denominator in the Jabs collection is the very high quality of workmanship in each vehicle. Ranging from the large classic cars of the 20's and 30's to high performance Corvairs, Australian Utes, award winning street rods and some very rare sports cars, each and every car is done to concourse quality. Even though they had just arrived back from the huge Hershey Meet in Pennsylvania the day before, Wendy and Bill went out of their way to answer all the question that the curious Road Tour participants had about their fine collection. Thanks to Wendy and Bill for welcoming us to their beautiful residence giving us a chance to see their impressive group of vehicles.

There is nothing quite as beautiful as the coastline of Oregon. From Eagle Creek we set out on a six hour drive to our destination for the evening of Gold Beach on the southern Oregon coastline. It was a beautiful drive as we made our way west across the mountains, on to Florence and then south on Highway 101 to Gold Beach. We were joined on this leg of the Tour by Rob and Carrie Logsdon and Ron Wade from Chev's of the 40's. Ron was driving the beautiful Chev's 1947 Chevy pick-up and Ron decided to take his 1961 T-Bird. It was a beautiful drive but storm clouds were gathering on the horizon. The weather report called for very heavy winds and rain for Tuesday as the remnants of the typhoon that had caused severe damage in the Philippines the previous week had its gun sites set of the southern Oregon and northern California coastline, exactly where we were traveling on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning arrived and the morning driver's meeting was a little more somber than most mornings. We headed out at 7:45 to see if the weather man was correct in the predictions. Unfortunately in this case he was. We drove for about eight hours in very high winds and pouring rain. Those of us in closed cars managed to stay somewhat dry, but Bill Story, Jules Engoren and Ray Fawcett had to tough it out in open cars. It was quite a day as we tried to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the coastline but we were preoccupied with the driving conditions. The redwoods were beautiful and many of us did take a side trip down the Avenue of the Giants for a quick look at those amazing trees.

We arrived at Cotati Speed Shop in Santa Rosa just a little behind schedule but considering that we had just driven in the worst storm in 40 years for that area we were in good shape. It helped that owner Zane Cullen and his crew has some great tri-tip roast and chicken waiting for us on the grill. Zane give us a project by project walk through the Cotati Speed Shop facility and the level of craftsmanship is amazing. We also got a sneek peak at the 2010 '27 T Road Tour roadster pick up that I will be driving next season. The Shadow Rods XL T body will be comfortable with its enlarged size but it will be a departure from this years '52 Chevy Hardtop to say the least. I am excited about next years car and after seeing the quality of work being done at Cotati Speed Shop I am sure it will be fantastic.

We were a very tired group by Tuesday evening when it was finally time to rest our heads. There is plenty more to see and do On the NHRA Wally Parks Museum Road Tour. Check back here as we make our way to the California Hot Rod Reunion in Bakersfield.

Jerry Dixey

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