Charles, Jerry, and Ray Doolin, and Bill Barney

Huber Heights, OH
’29 Ford Roadster

It’s not easy packing all three of the Doolin brothers, and their friend Bill Barney into this ’29 Ford highboy roadster, so they created their own mini-convoy for the Road Tour with two of the crew riding in the Winnebago chase vehicle and the other two in Charles’ Model A. Charles has owned the roadster since 1995. The LT1 engine under the hood was taken from a ’94 Camaro. The Road Tour was just a portion of a several-week cruise for the four of them. Their extensive itinerary included stops at Yellowstone National Park, the Black Hills, and the Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed in Lincoln, Nebraska. This trip is something they’d all talked about doing together for a long time. Now that they’ve accomplished their goal, they say they are looking forward to doing it again.

Bob West and Terry McDonald

St. Louis, MO
’65 Dodge Coronet 500 Convertible

The Dodge has been in Bob West’s wife Kathy’s family since her father bought it in 1966. It was her daily driver during her high school years and has since been restored with a 383 engine and 727 TorqueFlite transmission. In 2010, the car was Bob and Terry’s Road Tour ride. These two friends share a "toy barn" shop, where they build cars "to have fun with," which means going to shows and driving them all over. After reading about the 2009 Road Tour, they decided to check it out for themselves, and joined the 2010 Dynamat Tour "because a trip to Bonneville sounded like a cool thing to do." For these guys, part of the fun of hitting the road is "surviving many mishaps, any one of which could have stopped someone with more common sense."

Rhett Roy

Ft. Lauderdale, FL
’32 Ford Coupe

Rhett Roy was another one of the Sunshine State Street Rodders for whom the ride from the Street Rod Nationals and then onto the salt flats in Bonneville was just one portion of a much-longer round trip. When the Dynamat Tour was over, he still had most of the country to cross before getting homealthough that was just part of the adventure for him. The traditional-looking coupe, which Rhett has owned for 10 years, was built for trips like this. It’s a ’glass-bodied car with a steel repro hood, fenders, running boards, and grille shell. The coupe rides down the road on a ’70 Jaguar suspension, and the light gray suede paint, Dayton spokes, and other elements give it a timeless look. There’s a ’70 Boss 302 under the hood that keeps it "Ford in a Ford."

Mel and Susan Vaughan

Norco, CA
’62 Chevy Bel Air

Mel and Susan joined us on the Road Tour "to see the USA in our Chevrolet with other rodders like ourselves." Their original 409 bubbletop ’62 Chevy was hidden in storage, engineless, for 30 years before the Vaughans discovered it on eBay and became the second owners, in December 2006. The Chevy now runs a 502ci injected ’09 Chevy engine and Richmond five-speedand has been treated to all kinds of high-performance modifications as well as to some nice appearance upgrades, including that beautiful black and violet pearl paint and a pair of ’64 Impala bucket seats covered in leather with ostrich inserts. Susan told us, "When we got married, Mel stated, Stick with me, babe, and see the world.’ He’s keeping his promise. Now they’re having fun doing that with other rodders.

Richard and Maureen Wachter

Topeka, KS
’29 Dodge Pickup

They are veterans of previous Americruise and Tom’s Fun Run road trips and, in 2009, Richard and Maureen were participants on the Street Rodder Road Tour to Bonneville. They drove a different vehicle then, since this one wasn’t finished yet. They had such a good time that they came back for more fun with the Dodge pickup. When they bought the body for $400 two years ago, it was a coupe. Richard modified the rear to turn it into a pickup. The owner-built hauler was finished last spring, and was driven 2,500 miles before joining the 2010 Road Tour. The truck runs great, they told us, "and the air conditioning keeps us cool while going down the highway." Richard and Maureen say their favorite parts of the Road Tour are the shop tours and friendships they’ve made.