Ronald & Carol Hoffman

Austin, TX
'37 Ford Sedan
"We've always had Model As," Ron told us. "This car was built for comfortable, long-distance travel." A lot of work went into turning this owner-built sedan into a show-worthy street fat-fendered sedan, but Ron says he built it "to drive the wheels off of it." In the 10 years since the frame-off rebuild was finished, it's been all over, including three Road Tours in 2010 alone. Now that Ron is semi-retired, they're enjoying doing things they didn't have time for in the past. "We figured life is too short-time to get busy living." One of the highlights for Ron and Carol is "getting behind the scenes and meeting people you always heard about, like eating hamburgers in Darryl Starbird's backyard or having lunch with Troy Trepanier or touring Comp Cams--things the ordinary guy does not usually get to do."

Bill & Jan Kuntz

Salem, IN
'33 Ford Coupe
This jet-black '33 looks like a ton of fun barreling down the highway. Then again, what hot rod doesn't? Makes you wonder why everybody doesn't drive on the Road Tour like Bill and Jan did in 2010. We asked the first-timer Tourers why they made the trip. Their answer: "It looked like fun and we like to drive the hot rod," sums it up pretty well. Bill built the coupe from a Redneck body, sitting on an owner-built frame. A 350 small-block gets it down the road. The Kuntz's enjoy the ride from the comfort of Fiero seats, modified to fit the interior of the '33 and covered in eye-catching red vinyl. We're hoping they'll join us again for a leg or two of the 2011 Road Tour.

R.J. Kring

Ortonville, MI
'31 Ford Roadster
Since he started building cars in back in 1968, R.J. has dreamed of building a roadster. That dream was finally fulfilled in 2006 when he finished work on this highboy. The project was pretty much built from scratch. R.J. started with nothing more than an original Model A cowl and a few original body parts. This was R.J.'s first Road Tour, but he's been all over the country, racking up thousands of miles with his yellow highboy, including a memorable 2006 trip with his then-teenage son in 2006, which took them from Michigan to San Francisco, then south along the Pacific coast, across Route 66 to Nashville, and back home. This time he's riding solo, except for all of his fellow Tourers, of course.

Peter & Toni Satherly

Bunbury, Australia
'32 Ford roadster
The Satherlys are New Zealanders living in Australia, where they own a few musclecars, trucks, a hot rods, but don't have many places to take them. They decided they were "sick of reading about these trips and decided it was time to 'do'". The plan was to fly to Louisville and buy a hot rod. Instead they heard about builder Chad Adams through the internet and had this '32 roadster built. They already had their airline tickets, so they flew to Louisviille, rented a car, drove to Adams Hot Rods in Georgia, and got back to Louisville in time for the Tour. After Bonneville, they continued on to Las Vegas, then Southern California, then Pleasanton. A few days into the trip to Bonneville, we asked them what they were enjoying most about their first Road Tour. Peter said, "Ask again in a week, but I guess at the moment its living the dream."

Ron & Connie Farmer

Independence, VA
'47 Ford Coupe
These are some hardcore cruisers here. Ron is a retired high school auto tech instructor and Connie is a retired executive secretary, and only Jerry Dixey himself covers more Road Tour miles than these two East Coast Road Tour veterans.They have been into cars their entire married life, and bought the Ford 302-powered '47 at the Charlotte Auto Fair in 1994. They've covered more than 200,000 miles "seeing the coutrny" in this coupe, their '29 highboy and previous rods. The Road Tour gives them a chance "to mmet up with old friends from previous tours and meet new friends, and to see places and do the activities that Jerry arranges. We have never been disappointed with any of Jerry's Tours."