We kicked off Friday in Pottstown with a visit to Blast from the Past Collectible Automotive Services. Owner Bill Borneman greeted us at the shop. We have visited Blast from the Past before but this time we were able to see the craftsmen at work. They have a number of projects underway and their talents are very obvious. Bill and crew were even able to help out one of our Road Tourians with some needed repairs. Many thanks to Bill and the crew for going out of their way to welcome us.

From Blast from the Past it was a beautiful drive through Amish country to the Shady Maple Smorgasbord for lunch. This famous eating establishment was even bigger than we had been told. The rows of buffet items were only outdone by the size of the seating area and the gift shop in the huge basement area. It was overload in all respects but everyone enjoyed the visit to The Shady Maple.

It was then a one hour drive to Hershey, Pa. and the AACA Museum. This was the first visit of an AMSOIL/Street Rodder Road to the museum and no one was disappointed. The displays covered vehicles and memorabilia from all eras of automobiles. The vehicles were displayed in great settings and the collectibles and petrolinia was interspersed throughout the museum. They have a large collection of buses which take up a big portion of the basement.There was also a large display of Indian motorcycles set up in the basement area. The AACA Museum is well worth a visit if you are in the area of Hershey, Pa.

By 4pm we were back at Eastwood's Headquarters in Pottstown. Brian Huck and Nick Capinski from the Eastwood management team gave us a behind the scenes look at their huge warehouse operation, their research and development division and the studio where their many product demo videos are filmed. We were able to pose as a group in the studio. It had been another great day on the Eastwood Summer Classic Road Tour.

Saturday was the day that we had we had be anticipating all week. The Eastwood Summer Classic was finally here. Some clouds and drizzle in the morning did not keep away the over 300 vehicles that rolled into the parking areas around the Eastwood complex. The skies cleared by 10am and the activities began. TV personality Kevin Tetz was on hand to conduct a very information paint seminar. Kevin works with Eastwood on a number of how-to videos and automotive related programing that can be found at the Eastwood website and You-Tube. There were Eastwood products on display, specials in the showroom and rock and roll music was the perfect background sound for all the things that were taking place all day. At 2:30 Kevin Tetz announced the winners of the Eastwood door prizes. It was a perfect day at the Eastwood Summer Classic. It was also the perfect ending to the AMSOIL/Street Rodder Eastwood Summer Classic Road Tour. What started at The Syracuse Nationals one week early turned out to be one of the busiest Road Tour weeks ever. We covered plenty of ground and visited some unbelievable places on our route. It was what the Road Tour is all about: good folks becoming great friends while enjoying their vehicles. Stay tuned and check back here often. There are still four more Road Tours to go.