After our 9am driver's meeting it was a short drive north to Meadow Brook Hall, the fourth largest home museum in the United States. Located in Rochester Hills it was built between 1926 and 1929 by Matilda Dodge Wilson and her second husband Alfred Wilson. There are 110 rooms in the beautiful mansion and we were privileged to receive a special tour of the home. The architecture is amazing. We also got to see the new exhibit that tells the story of the Dodge brothers and their contribution to the automotive industry in its early days. After the tour we were given special permission to pull our cars in front of the home and take pictures. Many thanks to for arranging our special visit and to the Meadow Brook staff for our fantastic morning.

After lunch we all continued north to the city of Flint, Michigan. Flint's history in the automotive industry goes back to the beginning of the auto itself. Our first destination in Flint was the Alfred Sloan Museum. Alfred Sloan was the man who guided General Motors in the 30's and 40's as it became the largest corporation in the world. The museum that bears his name tell the story of the city of Flint both before the auto industry blossomed and the important role that Flint played in the growth of the auto industry that we know today. The Sloan Museum is filled with artifacts and items that tell the Flint story. From the main Sloan building we walked across the lawn to a special Buick exhibit that contained many examples of that famous marquee. It was a great visit at the Alfred Sloan Museum.

Flints is also famous for the Back to the Bricks celebration that is held each August drawing 100,000 folks to a week of automotive cruising fun in Flint. Thursday's activities were really getting rolling when we arrived at the bricks in downtown Flint. Live TV broadcast were taking place at the mega site area. Cruisers were arriving from around the area and the Thursday rolling cruise was growing rapidly. It was a great afternoon in Flint. Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible.

Things were also getting rolling on Woodward and that is where we set our sites for Friday and Saturday on the AMSOIL/Street Rodder Road Tour.