Walker Radiator Works, Inc., has been hand-building and refining their product line with traditional dedication to fitment, reliability and customer approval since 1932. They are still located in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee, next to Sun Records, where Elvis cut his first tracks. But their manufacturing techniques have remained as always; clean and simple.

Located near Memphis International Airport and close to FedEx's "SuperHub," it comes as no surprise that Walker Radiator has fitted a large number of radiators in that carrier's enormous truck fleet, as they have with UPS and other commercial businesses. And yet, surprisingly, this represents only a small percentage of Vernon Walkers' business, which still centers on hot rods.

To tackle the difficulties realized by today's car builders and rodders, Walker Radiator, through the guidance of longtime hot rodder Vernon Walker, has passed over more evolutionary materials and mass production manufacturing and stayed with proven methods that have served his company well. Incorporating refined variations of copper-brass construction, the real-world effectiveness of Walker Cobra radiators stands up to the challenges of alloy radiator builders making claims to the contrary.

Key to this efficiency are the specially-contoured, computer-designed fins comprising of approximately 620,000 precise louvers in an average-size Walker Cobra radiator. And while some alloy radiator manufacturers position their fins 1/2- to 3/4-inch apart, Walker reduces that gap by locating the fins just 1/4-inch apart, creating more surface area to dispel heat with 17 fins-per-inch (14 fins-per-inch with the Z-series) over the core surface.

Walker is quick to point out that while their copper-brass radiators weigh more than aluminum counterparts of similar size; their Cobra radiators are efficient at controlling heat. Walker has proven for an aluminum radiator to match the cooling efficiency of a copper-brass radiator it needs to be larger, thereby requiring more space, materials and liquid. Copper-brass radiators are also far more durable than alloy versions, and repairable when difficulties do arise.

You can find a Walker Radiator in countless numbers of street rods and one only has to ask one of these hot rodders, "Does your radiator work?" to find out just how well respected the Walker line of radiators are.