So you've replaced that old stock, worn out Flathead or six-cylinder engine with a new, fuel-injected, computer-controlled LS1, replaced those old, dim bulb lights to fancy LEDs, and got rid of all that cloth-covered wiring with a fancy new kit, but those analog gauges just don't seem to fit the part, do they? Sure you could cut the dash up and replace the cluster with a set of new gauges, but that old, stock cluster has grown on you, so what are you to do? Well Dakota Digital has just the answer.

For the last 20 years, Dakota Digital has manufactured the highest quality digital instrumentation for the aftermarket enthusiast with kits that are tailored to everything from '32 Fords to muscle cars and everything in between. Their latest venture however, has taken their technology a step further, with the ability to transform any original gauge cluster to a true blue, 21st century, fully digital readout without sacrificing the aesthetic of that original gauge cluster.

Using vacuum fluorescent technology, the computer controlled gauge cluster gives the driver up to the minute, accurate information on the operation of the vehicle, and provides the status in an easy to read, illuminated display regardless of the conditions or time of day. Emitting a blue/green light that can be filtered to a variety of colors, the display boasts excellent daytime visibility and can automatically dim under nighttime driving. Using microprocessor technology, the digital cluster gives the driver additional features and benefits not typically found on other types of instrumentation.

We followed along as they replaced the original, analog gauge cluster of a 1949 Oldsmobile and found that not only could they adapt the benefits of their digital technology, but they could also retain the aesthetic of the stock Olds cluster.