Building pre-`40s hot rods is definitely an enjoyable experience, with assembly and fabrication of countless components being a form of therapy from the day to day drudgery we face in our quest to make a regular living.

Unfortunately their diminutive size makes planning a build an important aspect, especially when working on vehicles like Model Ts and As. For those of us that sometimes don't plan out a build as thoroughly as we might (a frequent shortfall of mine, by the way) building the aforementioned models is sometimes like stuffing ten pounds of parts into a five-pound bag--there's sometimes just too little space to fit it all in a cohesive manner. One portion of those components we try and fit between those narrow framerails is an exhaust system. We usually do get 'em in there and under there, but many times we have to reconfigure the initial placement of some parts and oftentimes live with the added heat-related problems created by stuffing those pipes and mufflers in such close proximity to floors, master cylinders, and fuel and trans cooler lines.

Well, after scratching my head trying to figure out how I was going to go about fashioning an exhaust system (or even running a full system at all) on a current '29 A project I just happened to run across an ad in the pages of a recent issue of this very magazine (SR April '09, page 199) by a company called Car Chemistry. The ad was for a muffler/baffle kit named CC Inserts designed for lakes-style headers--a perfect alternative to stuffing a full system under a small hot rod, and just the ticket for my situation I thought. Since the Flathead powering the A was equipped with a set of Speedway Motors lakes-style headers I immediately went to their Website and eyeballed the kit. I liked what I saw, and placed an order. A few days later it arrived and when I had the product in hand, I was actually more impressed than I thought I'd be--it's a well-made and easy-to-assemble system that I think will be a great alternative to a full system. Plus, I love the idea of my exhaust blasting out of the megaphones at the pickup's cowl while still being able to carry on a conversation with a passenger.

Assembling the CC Inserts kit was a snap and took less than two hours from start to finish, and with a retail price of around $155.00 I not only saved a bunch of time but a lotta cash, as well. So take a look at what I did last Saturday. You may well discover that the way I solved my exhaust system dilemma will work for you too!