A few weeks ago I wrote a short blog on our STREET RODDER website (www.streetrodderweb.com) regarding my discovery of a cowl-steering conversion kit made and sold by a company called Gas Alley Street Rods, and promised to show the conversion kit in use. Well, I finally did get around to doing the install and shot some photos of the process.

Every once in a while (actually pretty darn often now that I think about it) I run across a great new product or an easy way of doing something that elicits one of those palm to the forehead "coulda had a V-8" reactions -- and this Gas Alley Street Rods Cowl Steering Adapter kit is a perfect example. Sliding a V-8 and a five-speed into the diminutive space of a hot rod the size of a Model A can be a challenge sometimes. Sure, the engine'll fit between the 'rails, but what about wedging in stuff like steering and in this case both brake and clutch pedal assemblies. Sure things would've been possible with a Vega-style cross-steer setup, but I wanted something a bit more traditional, like the F-1 box I'd planned on from the start. Unfortunately that truck box just wasn't gonna work out like I'd thought--again, it would've worked too, but also would have entailed other changes specific to my situation that didn't want to address. Luckily for me that's when I found Gas Alley's cowl-steering conversion, the perfect solution for my dilemma.

The conversion kit is really a pretty straightforward affair. In a nutshell it allows one to mount a reversed Corvair steering box up under the cowl, resulting in an affordable and easy-to-install side-steer setup. Not counting the steering box (and a handful of nuts and bolts), the kit consists of just a few components, an output shaft adapter, an extension shaft, and a Pitman shaft. And though each circumstance will be a bit different, when it comes to actually mounting the box, the components in the conversion will work in any situation. So take a look at how I handled my install using the Gas Alley Street Rods cowl steering adapter, and if ya think it'll do the trick for you, check out their website for it and a bunch of other cool traditional hot rod parts!