For the homebuilder and garage dweller, nothing is more important than having the proper tool for the job. Whether it's something specialized, such as having the right size drill bit to be able to tap a bracket, or something simple, like the proper size oil filter wrench, not having the correct tool to suit the application can be a study of both patience and nerves. Many a skinned knuckle has been caused by not having the proper sized wrench, socket, or bit to fit the specific job at hand. And while there are the obvious set of wrenches, sockets, and hammers we all need (sometimes bigger given the job and level of frustration), oftentimes there are tools out there we simply don't know about or think we would need. They may vary from the obvious to the mundane, but let's face it, there have been times when we're under the car and the challenge placed before us could have been solved by a tool we didn't have in our arsenal but can't think of a reason why we didn't.

Graham Tool Company made this painfully obvious recently as I was perusing their latest catalog. Not only is it chock full of useful tools for machinists, fabricators, and mechanics alike, but it also had a selection of some of the most obvious and simple tools that I never thought of having in my roll-away. From radiator combs to straighten out those crooked fins to soft jaws for holding any sort of malleable objects in the vise (I found it especially handy for installing piston rings), it seemed they had thought of it all. Not one to keep anything secret, I decided to share with you the ten items I found most handy from their catalog and others I've been using around the shop.