The kit installs just like any other intake/carb setup would on a classic small block Chevy, except for things like the O-ring intake seals that remind you you're working with a contemporary motor. The MSD Timing Control Module mounts onto the intake directly and is comes with a harness that hooks up directly to the sensors and coil packs. A couple of single connections for ignition power, A/C idle compensator, and tach output, and you're off and running.

We followed along recently with the install of the carbureted kit on our LS1-powered 2004 Road Tour car when it returned to Hot Rods & Custom Stuff to receive the conversion. We started in the morning by removing all the offending OEM parts and by that afternoon, we had the coil covers installed and the motor was looking a lot more like a classic hot rod mill. The resulting setup is something any guy could install in a day in the garage, but more importantly, it's much simpler and the induction system can now be tuned with a screwdriver and a jet change rather than by pulling at random lines on a chart using a laptop computer.

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