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The Deuce rpu now wears fenders
Remember what we were saying about building something out of the ordinary? If a Deuce rpu highboy isn't different enough for you, then how about a full-fendered version? Earlier this year, Brookville introduced this as the newest addition to their lineup of all-steel early Fords.

The latest Brookville body was showcased in the New Products exhibit at the NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky, in August, where street rod industry members judged it the Best New Product in its price range.

The company has long ago established its spot in the hobby with all-steel Model A and '32 replica bodies and components made to match original Ford dimensions as closely as possible.

In the case of the roadster pickup cabs, Brookville has prioritized legroom and comfort ahead of precise accuracy-which is good news for 21st century-sized hot rodders. According to the company's product information, all Brookville windshield and top components are applicable to this part. In addition, a variety of options for cowls, doors, floors, firewalls, and stanchions are offered (and are described fully on the Brookville website).

According to Crawford Byxbee, whose '32 is built from a Brookville body and bed, the photo he has of an original Ford open-cab pickup shows a shorter-looking cab and a wider bed than those on his rpu. "Must have been a foot squeezer," he says.

When he contacted Brookville, they compared the dimensions of the '32 rpu to a '32 closed cab pickup, the '32 roadster, and the Model A rpu. The Brookville '32 rpu extended cab is the same length as their roadster body, and 9 inches longer than their closed cab body. The '32 rpu bed is 10 1/2 inches shorter than a stock Ford Model A bed, and is designed to fit on a '32 chassis.

For more details on all available options, contact Brookville.
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