Brookville Roadster all-steel Street Rod bodies
Brookville is America's oldest and most respected manufacturer of all-steel Ford replica bodies. Each Brookville body style has been precision engineered to be as exact to the original as possible and feature the same gauge metal as Henry's own. They each include all the original style bracing, brackets, and stamping details. Model A bodies include original-style wood bracing and upholstery strips. Brookville bodies are so accurate that they have been used in the construction of several classic restoration winners!

Brookville offers reproduction bodies for: '28-'29 Model A roadsters, '30-'31 Model A roadsters, '28-'29 Model A roadster pickups, '30-'31 Model A roadster pickups, '32 roadster, '32 roadster pickup, and the popular '32 three-window coupe. All new for 2010 is a full-fendered '32 roadster pickup. Brookville also offers fenders, aprons, splash panels, and accessories to build these bodies as full-fendered cars in most cases. Complete chassis/body "starter packages" are also available to accelerate your new rod project.

Brookville Roadster Inc.
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Dearborn Deuce convertible was awarded Best New Product at SEMA in 2004. The stylized '32 roadster body was redesigned around a fully disappearing convertible top and a larger cockpit. It also has more leg room and will fit on any chassis built to stock dimensions. The Dearborn Deuce body, built in Detroit, Michigan, comes complete with a convertible top fully finished, power windows installed, polished stainless windshield and stanchions, floor, firewall, dash, transmission cover, and complete weather seal kit.

Traditional styling with the modern convenience of side glass and a convertible top that goes up in 14 seconds when there's a sudden change in weather.

Dearborn Deuce LLC
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Whether building a hot rod for racing or a street rod for cruising and show, Heritage is your source for a wide range of body styles. From the '29 Ford roadster to the '41 Willys coupe, Heritage bodies are hand-made using durable fiber-reinforced polymer composites.

Assembled on alignment jigs or on our in-house produced frames, Heritage bodies surround a steel support structure designed to provide rigidity to body panels and a mechanical foundation for hinges, latches, and frame mounts. Wood patterns are bonded within the body at key points providing easy mounting of interior trim panels. Door windows are standard with electric regulators throughout.

Heritage bodies are available as stand-alone components or can be ordered complete with boxed-rail or hydro-formed rail frames. Suspension and brake components from major manufacturers are available as options, giving you the ability to customize your rolling body. Dealer, custom shop, and private builder inquiries are welcome.

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Nobody likes to wait. Not Honest. Not you. So Don't. Sweetheart wants to ride, so get with it. Take a ride you'll both never forget. Brookville Real Steel Deuce and Model A roadster bodies are in stock today so you can ride tonight. We have Pete and Jakes and SO-CAL chassis in stock waitin' for ya. All the other parts too. It's your dream so don't blow it. Free '32 Ford parts and flathead Ford engine parts catalogs. Simple and no wait. She'll love you for it. Honest will too.

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'28 Ford roadster pickup, now with roll-up windows. Last Refuge roll-up windows add comfort and style to the stretched and styled '28-29 roadster pickups. The body features all-steel construction with crisp body lines and CNC laser-cut panels. Models available in standard stretch and new 2X stretch. Roll-up windows are mechanical with aluminum glass frames that travel in heavily felted channels.

Chassis packages and vee windshield/top assemblies available.

Last Refuge Hot Rods

Fool all your friends at the cruise night with the unbelievable authenticity of a New Age Motorsports fiberglass body.

With accurate original features like driprails, bead lines, and reveals, hot rodders at any experience level will think you're the proud owner of an original Deuce.

Ruggedly built, these bodies will take chassis-twisting torque with ease, and can be trusted to last for generations.

Deuce roadster and coupe bodies come equipped with a 1 1/2-inch round tube internal structure to support hinges and latches for the life of the car. Ash hardwood is used as a solid base for easy upholstery attachment. NAM offers no shortage of available bells and whistles to complement the body's substantial constructive qualities.

Our bodies are easily tailored to meet the styling demands of the most particular rodder, or to replicate the American Graffiti coupe to the greatest possible extent.

With a broad selection of factory and modern day options available, the New Age Motorsports body is by far the most detailed, solidly built, easily finished body on the market today.

New Age Motorsports
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We offer a new all-steel '28-29 Model A closed cab pickup body. This body can also come as 6-inch oversize in the rear cab area. This body comes with a 4-inch recessed firewall, complete steel floor, seatbelt mounts, bear claw latches, and will accept original or reproduction sheetmetal panels and components. The body bolts to a stock '28-29 chassis. This is another high-quality product from Waddingtons Street Rods in Australia for their USA-based subsidiary, ROADSTER UTE INC.

Our bodies and sheetmetal products are available across the United States through our agents. We also have a large range of high-quality sheetmetal products to suit models from '28-40, all body styles. Please see our websites for more information.

Bear Fiberglass manufactures a high-end composite fiberglass body with steel reinforcement. The doors are hung and latched with power window regulators installed. With a headliner, inner panels, and a floor, interior installation is easier than most other fiberglass bodies. Bear Fiberglass offers its uniquely constructed bodies in a '33 and '32 Ford three-window coupe, a '32 Ford roadster, and a '31 Ford Vicky. Call or go to the website for all options and additional parts.

Rod Garage
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Original Henry-style 25 louver hood sides Finally, after years and years of "When are you going to make correct 25 louver hood sides?" they're here. What has made these so popular is the fact that the louvers are very deep and very open. You can look at the complete engine and then look through the engine bay and out the other side. The louvers are bowed outward from the centerline of the car as well as the dummy louvers at the front and the back. The first two louvers are shorter to give room for the hold down. The panels also have the correct twist front to back. These will fit your original Ford top panels. Made in both four-piece and three-piece styles, they can be ordered to fit cars with stretched chassis as well.

Rootlieb, Inc.
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