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The frontend certainly added to cost of our project, but it's going to be worth it. After installing the used Chevy rearend, and selling the original engine and trans, we were at $3,352. The Chassis Engineering frontend kit came in at just over $2,100. We probably could have saved a couple hundred bucks going with original-style control arms, but we felt the tubular arms would be nice and good to use in the long run. Also, scrounging through the junkyards may have netted us items like spindles, but in our case, time is tight and having the correct new products that were designed to work together could save us time and effort in the long run.

We're at about $5,500 into our project and have a great, new, road-worthy suspension on our '51. The next hurdles will be to get the steering, brakes, and trans mount handled so we can move on to wiring and plumbing.