Brookville Roadster is known and respected for its all-steel '28-32 Ford bodies, and has been for over 30 years. But you should know that they built top-quality, fully engineered bare chassis and complete chassis for those years as well. Each fixture-welded chassis features fully boxed side framerails, front and rear crossmembers, and center X-member on '32-style frames.

Complete rolling chassis can be optioned with I-beam or independent front suspension, four-bar or ladder-bar rear suspension, motor mounts, full brake system packages, chrome and stainless packages, and much more. These chassis were developed to be used with Brookville's own steel bodies, but will work well with original Ford bodies or with fiberglass reproduction bodies as well.

Brookville Roadster
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Art Morrison Enterprises is offering its line of GT Sport high-performance replacement chassis for the '49-54 and '55-57 Chevrolet, '53-62 Corvette, and '64-72 Chevelle. It features all of the necessary body mounts and bumper mounts as well as the core support and engine/transmission mounts. Available complete, with power rack-and-pinion steering, performance-tuned independent front suspension, triangulated four-bar rear suspension, and 9-inch housing. The GT Sport chassis also utilizes adjustable front and rear antisway bars and adjustable coilovers so you can easily dial in the chassis to the level of desired performance. Designed with the home builder in mind, these chassis are a true bolt-in replacement that will dramatically improve the ride and handling of your classic car.

Art Morrison Enterprises Inc.
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'39-48 Chevrolet Car to fifth-gen Corvette ('97-04) suspension conversion crossmember
Crossmember is set up to accept all SBC, BBC, and LS Series Chevrolet Engines
Uses factory aluminum control arms, knuckles and hubs from '97-04 C5 Corvettes
They have all the rack-and-pinion, suspension, and brake components available
Bolts in, uses existing bolt holes
Modern Corvette technology-not 35-year-old Mustang II
All that is required is removing your front crossmember with suspension and your steering parts and positioning the new crossmember in place. Position the hats with upper A-arm mounts over the framerails and bolt together using existing holes.

Countless hours of engineering and designing have gone into this attractive conversion crossmember. Using your factory Corvette suspension components you can transform your 70-year-old car into a modern driving vehicle. Forget the Mustang II-style suspension, that technology is 30-plus years old too. Go with the best. Corvette suspension.

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A really nice hot rod project deserves a top-quality chassis from Fatman Fabrications! Why weld, repair, and fill pits on an old chassis when a very affordable new one can be built to your specs? Complete new frames for '32-40 Ford, '37-40 and '55-57 Chevy cars, '35-66 Ford trucks, and '34-59 Chevy trucks are available. Anglia, Morris Minor, and custom frames complete the lineup. Your choice of engine and trans will be mounted, with a wide variety of options, such as power-assisted steering and brakes, four-wheel discs, stainless steel control arms, and rear axles. Complete brake plumbing, Borgeson U-joints, and epoxy primer options can make your body swap even easier.

Fatman Fabrications
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