The Tribute T body is based on a Speedway '23 T body that has a specially designed floor to maximize interior space while still being as low as possible. The cockpit is designed to fit two of Speedway's aluminum "bomber-style" seats, or you can get creative with cushions of your own design. A rear-mounted spun aluminum fuel tank will nestle comfortably between the body and rear crossmember.

The joy of owning any hot rod rests squarely on doing the work yourself-satisfaction rates high on the fun-meter as the Tribute T is engineered for easy assembly using basic hand tools. The Speedway package provides the fundamental components to build a roadster that's low-slung, while still allowing you the freedom to choose the parts to finish it your way. As of now, the basic kit retails for $3,999.99. It will include frame, body, front suspension (spring, wishbones, axle, friction shocks, spindles, and kingpins), a reversed Corvair steering box on a raised mounting bracket, and master cylinder. The rear suspension option, which is based on a Winters quick-change (including spring and related hardware) will sell for an additional $4,999.99. Kits should be available in early 2011.

The Tribute T prototype you see here is the result of a lot of measuring, cutting, and general R&D hours and assembly time from Speedway's Scott Cornish. Cornish not only stewarded the Tribute T from concept to driver, but is also responsible for the recent redesign of Speedway's other T-bucket kits. Now that's yeoman effort!

The Speedway Motors Tribute T is a great way to get into hot rodding for the novice or the ol' crusty rodder who has built 'em all. The end result is a timeless hot rod that's not only affordable, but offers you the satisfaction of building it yourself. Most important of all, you gain the added pleasure of driving and enjoying the rewards of your efforts.