Original Crank Handle Switch
Recently approved by the Electric-Life R&D department, the original Power Crank Switch utilizes the existing window crank handle to operate power windows. The Electric-Life Power Crank Switch eliminates the need to cut or modify your door panels, thus keeping the original look of your interior while adding modern comfort and convenience.

Made in the United States and CNC-machined from military-grade Delrin, a lightweight, wear-resistant thermoplastic, the switch can be installed on both reverse polarity and standard power window motors, delivering up to 20 amps of power to the motor.

Electric-Life power crank switches are offered in four models with prices starting at $126 per switch. PN 45820 for GM vehicles with short splined shaft, '50 and later; PN 45821 GM long-splined shaft, '50 and later; PN 45822 Ford splined shaft, '50 and later; and PN 45823 any make of vehicle, pre-1950.

Electric-Life Power Window Systems
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3rd Generation Keyless Ignition System-Door Actuators now included Flaming River is introduced the next generation of their Keyless Ignition System technology. This 3rd Generation Keyless Ignition System incorporates a fob docking station for more reliable starting and additional security. The new system also incorporates a keyless vehicle entry system complete with door lock actuators. Made in the United States.

3rd Generation Keyless Ignition System includes:
• Ignition Fob docking station
• Ignition and RKE Fob
• One Master and three remote Door Lock Actuators
• RKE lock/unlock module
• Antenna assembly
• Push-button ignition
• Relay pack
• Control module
• Door Actuator mounting hardware

FR60001-Keyless Dash ignition system
Retail: $699

FR60002-Touch Start
Floor Shift Keyless ignition tilt column
Retail: $999.50

FR60102-Touch Start
Column Shift keyless ignition tilt column
Retail: $1,213

Flaming River Industries
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Classic Update Kit, '62-67 Chevy Nova Kit
American Autowire's '62-67 Chevy Nova Classic Update Kit is the latest of 16 custom kits designed for performance and muscle cars and trucks from the '60s and '70s. The '62-67 Chevy Nova Classic Update Kit provides a new compact and enclosed ATO fusebox that's compatible with most aftermarket accessories. It also includes a cluster harness disconnect system to organize and simplify the wiring as well as a dimmer, headlight, and ignition switch. Remember, with American Autowire kits you get full color instructions with precise step-by-step instructions, photos, and wiring schematics to make your wiring experience that easy. The Classic Update Kit for '62-67 Nova retails at $569 (PN 510140).

American Autowire
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Billet Buttons and Switches
With Autoloc's new Online Button Builder, it's easy to customize your buttons in a few quick steps. Choose from a variety of sizes and lighting options, as well as etching designs. You can even provide your own graphics or text for a totally unique look.

Autoloc's Billet Buttons are made from the highest quality machined billet aluminum and are guaranteed to provide a lifetime of beauty and flawless performance.

Autoloc Power Accessories
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