Most wood sets come undrilled so you can drill the planks to fit your particular bed. This is recommended because bed manufacturing was not always a precise business, so hole locations can vary. Then when you consider most trucks had some hard work to do for the first 20 years of their life, the bed dimensions may vary even more from truck to truck. However on some of the more popular bed floors, pre-drilling is offered as an option. And, if you are wondering, yes, you can bring your truck or ship the bed direct to them and they will cut, finish, and install the wood turnkey for you.

After you've chosen the wood type your second decision involves the choosing strips that go between the wood, holding it in place. Not long ago the choices were limited to factory-style painted or chrome-plated strips, but today there are improved choices. The factory-style steel strips are still available and they can be painted or powdercoated body color to match your truck or they could be chrome plated. However far and away the most popular choice is, stainless steel strips are available plain or polished. These hold-down strips come in two different styles, one that's pre-drilled for stainless steel fasteners that show this is the traditional look, or there's also a stainless steel strip that has hidden fasteners that slide in lips on the bottom side of the strip. These smoothie-style strips give your truck a very clean look.

But wait, there's more. Beyond those three options on the traditional factory-style strips Bed Wood and Parts also offers their own extruded aluminum bed strips. Both of these incorporate blind fasteners for that smooth look. The first style is called the Speed Bump, and as you might guess it's similar to half-round in polished aluminum. Once again this is a very clean look for those hot rodders wanting something just a bit different. The other custom extruded bed floor strip is called the Double Hump and it too employs hidden fasteners with a clean profile that looks great in between any wood.

If you are working on a custom application or have needs different than the wood originally in your truck, it is best to send patterns or very detailed mechanical drawings. Once again, a call to Jeff Major at Bed Wood and Parts will be time well spent before you begin the wood project, as he can tell you exactly what he needs, to provide you with exactly what you need.

We enjoyed our tour of Bed Wood and Parts and learned a lot about great-looking wood and how these parts are precision-made for street rod trucks. We even witnessed the final cutting and finishing of Editor Brennan's very nice Teak Wood floor. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each piece of wood is impressive and sure to make a big difference in the final finish of any truck bed. When it comes time to wood the bed in my own '40 pickup I now know where to find a great selection and a fine finished product.

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