According to Prew the new 97 combines the early style cast-iron base with the later Stromberg-style circuits for improved off-idle response, and so there is no mistaking what they are, these carburetors wear a big 97 logo. Like the originals, they come with 0.045-inch main jets and a number 65-power valve. There are a variety of improvements, including a new air horn design with extra material around the float bowl lid to help prevent warping and the leaks that result, and a new, no-stick S-Jet inlet valve. The finish is correct pale lemon chromate with iridescent highlights and the bases have a black Parkerized/lacquered finish. Retail price is around $450.

In addition to complete carburetors, Stromberg Carburetor offers individual parts and has recently come out with fuel lines, linkage, and fully chromed carburetors.

Speedway Motors
Described as a 97-style carburetor, is the 9Super7 from Bill Smith's Speedway Motors. Similar in appearance to a Stromberg, the Speedway carburetor lacks the logo and patent numbers found on the originals for obvious reasons. It also has an aluminum base, stamped throttle and choke levers, and the heads of the screws are not like the originals.

Inside the 9Super7 is a Grose Jet inlet valve to better cope with higher fuel pressure, its said not to stick or dribble and won't corrode in modern fuel. Like the originals, the 9Super7 carbs are shipped with a number 65 power valve and 0.045-inch main jets. Retail price is $299.

Edelbrock 94
The Edelbrock carburetor is a very faithful looking recreation of the Holley 94. It features a die-cast bowl and air horn with an aluminum three-bolt base and comes equipped with an extended throttle shaft to make it easier to set up dual and triple carburetor combinations. For durability and classic looks, these good carburetors are finished off with a zinc-dichromate coating.

One of the issues with the 94 has been finding the proper power valves, contemporary Holley power valves can't be substituted, as they don't seal properly. However Edelbrock now provides a selection of the correct components that makes the new 94 easy to tune.

Unlike the other offerings, Edelbrock offers two versions of the 94-one, PN 1151, for primary use, the other, PN 1152, is to be used as a secondary. Retail price is $349.99.

So, which one is best? That depends on what you're after. For the ultimate in authentic looks the Stromberg and Holley get the nod, for affordability it's the 9Super7. But regardless which you choose, these are brand-new carburetors and they each can be expected to perform satisfactorily. Of course with multiple carburetors and some engine component combinations rejetting may be required and most likely the power valves in the Edelbrock will have to be optimized, but the end result will be functional simplicity with no wires or blinking LEDs-the latest in low tech.