Starting with the proverbial clean sheet of paper, Fuller rolled a Tiger quick-change and a SO-CAL frontend up on the fabricating jig, and then positioned the body between the axles. Next the final BFGoodrich tires were put on the jig to check for proportions and location before he set about fabricating his own frame now that the final ride height had been determined.

The framerails are deceivingly simple, but not easy to fabricate. After laser cutting four sets of side plates from sheet stock, a top piece of flat stock was formed and tack-welded to the top of two plates, effectively forming a three-sided framerail. Sounds easy enough, but keeping things square and true required lots of clamping, spacers, and stagger welding in different areas to prevent warping. Of course anyone can make a three-piece framerail, but like Fuller creations these carry some very cool details. First the width of the framerail narrows as it progresses forward, the framerails from the firewall forward are sleek and thin looking, while in the rear the spacing between the inner and outer plates is wide enough to accommodate hefty four bars. After plumbing and electric conduits are installed inside the ’rails, the bottom piece will be welded in place making the ’rails completely boxed. The entire chassis follows suit, with cool details on every bracket and a great mix of rod, race, and plain ol’ artistry involved in the build.

In keeping with this building style it only made sense to use a modern motor wrapped in vintage tin. After all isn’t that the definition of a hot rod? When it comes to new motors, none are newer than the ’11 Mustang 5.0 Coyote motor. The new motor and six-speed transmission are both available from Ford Racing Performance. We will take a closer look at Bryan Fuller’s ’33 sedan in a future issue, so stay tuned.

If that oil filter happens to interfere with anything on your installation, fear not, Ford Performance Racing offers a remote oil filter kit for this motor. Even the alternator mounting seems to work well in street rods.

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