The 348/409 cars may have an issue with the steering box to power steering pump clearance. Most applications will fit but will have reduced adjustability of the belt tension. In some cases the use of a remote-style power steering pump will be required.

Direct replacement ididit steering columns are available in plain steel or chrome finishes

11205800 ’58 Chevy column for floor shift

11206000 ’59-60 Chevy tilt column for floor shift

11206200 ’61-62 Chevy tilt column for floor shift

11206700 ’63-64 Chevy tilt column for floor shift

11405800 ’58 Chevy tilt column for column shift

11406000 ’59-60 Chevy tilt column for column shift

11406200 ’61-62 Chevy tilt column for column shift

11406700 ’63-64 Chevy tilt column for column shift

A few more candidates for improved steering, and there may be even more

Borgeson offers integral power steering conversions for a variety of cars, including Tri-Five Chevys, ’63-82 Chevy Corvettes, ’65-70 Ford Mustang, ’66-77 Ford mid-sized cars, and ’52-64 Ford full-size cars. And while that’s a pretty respectable list there are probably a number of other cars that could benefit from a power steering update by using one of the following Borgeson boxes. If you have a candidate for such a swap, break out the tape measure and then check the dimensions of the available boxes. Such an installation will undoubtedly require a custom frame mount and column modifications but the results will certainly be worth it.

Additional installation parts available:

PN Description

013446 Universal joint for box connection 17mm DD x 3/4-inch 36-spline

409216 3/4-inch 36-spline intermediate shaft 16 inches long splined on both ends

990007 Drag link adapter for cars with factory ram-style power steering

925103 OEM-style rubber power steering hose set to connect new box to P/S pump.

800310 GM Saginaw self-contained power steering pumps available in black or chrome (part number for black listed)

801001 Power steering pulley, black steel GM two-row

802400 Power steering pump bracket for SBC/SWP many other brackets available

Power Steering Fluid

According to our friends at AMSOIL INC., power steering fluid is one of the most neglected fluids under the hood. Most of us realize that power steering systems require additional fluid occasionally but are not aware it should be changed at regular intervals. Power steering fluid has a service life, just like any other lubricating fluid. It is subject to temperature extremes and must combat contaminants while simultaneously fulfilling its role as a hydraulic fluid.