Socket Insert Kit

Many of us have spent plenty of money on chrome hardware or other finish and the last thing we want is for it to be marked (marred). How does one protect all of those fastener ends? Eastwood offers a nine-piece Socket Insert Kit (PN 12510, $19.98) that comes with SAE and metric molded plastic inserts. (Always check for sale prices as Eastwood often offers discounts.)

The idea is to prevent chrome-plated, polished, or stainless steel hardware from socket or wrench damage. It only takes a moment and the beautiful finish you have fretted over is damaged—permanently.

The inserts come in either SAE or metric or a kit with both. Inserts for nut or bolt sizes come in 1/4-, 7/16-, 1/2-, and 9/16-inch, or 8, 10, 12, 13, 15 mm. Insert plastic into a socket or wrench to protect the fastener from damage. Each insert is marked with the appropriate fastener size and also the wrench/socket size to use. Typically the wrench or socket is two sizes larger than the bolt fastener.

This is a handy tool (or tools) to have in your toolbox especially for the initial build, routine maintenance, or getting ready for a show. When the time comes to tighten nuts and bolts here is one way to accomplish this without damaging the brightwork.

Handy Tips from Eastwood

Don’t use newspaper as masking for painting. Today’s aerosols and base/clears will bleed right through.

Periodically rub a magnet on the shafts of your screwdrivers—you will be delighted with the results.

Power steering systems need to be bled also—once assembled, with the motor running turn the wheels from lock to lock three times to bleed the system.