At this moment Cornell shifted gears and returned to the new lower cowl panel extension to finesse the reveal line where the two units were welded together. Using a combination of a hammer and dolly and bench vise, the new panel was massaged to perfection. The welds were then ground to a smooth finish using an air-driven 3-inch grinder topped with an 80-grit disc.

That completed, he then focused on wrapping up the trimming needed to the rocker panel area. He reconfirmed the 29-inch length measured from the front of the cowl rearward and used a square to make sure everything was razor sharp before proceeding with an air-driven cutoff wheel. After deburring the incisions to the rocker area, the cowl panel extension was mocked in place to recognize any final adjustments needed. Due to the gentle curve of the body side a number of relief cuts were required to the bottom plane of the cowl panel extension. Cornell made the small incisions using a cutoff wheel in gradual increments and once the curve was affirmed, the cuts were TIG-welded, making the panel complete. The subrail was then bolted back in and the cowl extension panel was held in place to confirm the trimming needed to the subrail side plate. With a 3/4-inch tapeline confirming the trim lines, a plasma cutter was used to trim off the excess. After the trimmed areas were ground smooth, the subrail was given a 90-degree outward bend to the bottom plane of its side plate using a sheetmetal brake.

With the subrail’s construction complete, it was then MIG welded to the inner body structure. To prepare the body for the cowl extension installation, Cornell used an air-driven angle grinder topped with a small wire wheel to remove any primer on the body where welding would be required. The new panel was then clamped securely to the body and carefully MIG-welded into place. The final work required was to fabricate a small section of 18-gauge sheetmetal to close the gap at the front of the panel adjacent to the framerail. With all of the welding completed, a grinder topped with an 80-grit disc combined with a flat file got the newly installed panel looking factory fresh. From any angle the completed updates have brought a newfound raciness to the personality of the coupe with the final changes coming up fast to the front framerails. Stay tuned.