In my roadster I have an electronic speedometer/odometer that requires a proper speed gear, electrical hook up at the trans, wiring that runs to the gauge, and, lastly, and my nemesis the dipswitches at the speedo. (I truly dislike dipswitches ‘cause my glasses aren’t powerful enough for me to read the itty-bitty numbers!) I have seen many a rodder run into the problem where the speedo gear/hook up coming out of the transmission interferes with a crossmember. I have also seen lots of “fixes,” such as hacked crossmember, elaborate connectors to route the cable/wiring around the crossmember, and then there’s watching out that the speedo wire doesn’t interfere with the exhaust or anything else located on the underside.

The Sky Drive works in this fashion:

1. The signal works off of satellites and not towers, making the signals “clean” with no “dead zones.”

2. If power is taken away from the Sky Drive it will lose its signal. Once power is reapplied it will find its signal again and remember its calibration.

3. As long as the device finds a signal then that mounting location is ideal. It can be mounted anywhere except where it would be exposed to the weather.

I’ve had the opportunity to run up nearly 1,000 miles on my Sky Drive and the results are outstanding. You may notice that if you are in a tunnel the speedo will stop functioning but once the device reaches “open air” it will pick up the signal. I have a master kill switch on my roadster and after going back several weeks later it took about four minutes while driving for the device to find the signal and all was restored.

The Classic Instruments Sky Drive is a nifty way to eliminate many of the nuisance problems normally associated with hooking up and calibrating a speedometer/odometer. We did check the roadster’s Sky Drive driven speedometer/odometer against other handheld GPS devices and found the Sky Drive to be accurate, and because of its rapid refresh rate there was no lag time between indicated speed and actual speed.

If you are one of those rodders who really would like to know what your speed is and how far you have driven, the Sky Drive by Classic Instruments may be for you.

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